How to do stay motivated to get up on the morning?

Soham T.
I've always had an issue with waking up to my first alarm without snoozing. What helped me the most is setting strict wake up and sleep times, which keeps my body's internal clock on the right track. Before, I would fall back asleep and put myself in jeapordy of running late. Now, when my alarm goes off, I just get up feeling refreshed.
Samantha U.
It all starts with my night before. I meditate before I go to sleep and i like to meditate when I wake up. I journal every morning setting my intention for the day ahead.
Gabbi N.
There are a few things that can help! You can start the morning off thinking about all you’re grateful for. You’ll see just how lucky you are, and it will make you jump out of bed! Also, think about how you deserve to have a great day, and enjoy the weather! Hope this helps !
Michael W.
I am someone who needs routine , and determination in the morning. My routine needs to be 'water tight', and not manipulated or changed.

Generally I like mornings which helps a lot

Alfredo Z.
If I stay in bed,I know what kind of day I will have and what kind of mood I will be in. The only way to have a good day is to start by getting up