What kind of excercise is the best when you do not have a lot of time due to work?

Mario Z.
A brisk walk outside. It could be a 10 minute circuit around your place of work. It’s especially beneficial during the work day when coming back refreshed could actually benefit your problem solving abilities.
Jacob U.
There are many different short exercises you can do. Depends on your goals.I recommend a HIIT routine. Quick routine that hits many different muscle groups and gets your heart rate up.
Elizabeth O.
Good question! I work with kids, so it can be quite hard to set some time aside for a quick workout. But what I have found to be easy is to play some music and have the kids dance with me for 10 minutes. Sometimes they want to continue dancing and we'll exercise for a good 20 minutes until they slowly get tired. But on their bad days I do a quick five minute warm-up in the bathroom just to get me ready for their tantrums.
Jordan J.
I like to lift dumbbells. Because I control the sets. But 10 minutes on the exercise bike is also quick. You can get on for only 10 minutes while multitasking. (I've done the exercise bike while reading a book to my child).
Joless N.
stretching is always a good way to move your body, warm your muscles up and feel energetic for the day 🙂 even ten minutes for a total body stretching and you won’t sweat so you don’t need to change clothes or worry about the shower
Aur Lien T.
Some calisthenics or freebody workout. Focus on exercises that boost your elasticity since you work a lot it is more important to be elastic than bulky, muscle wll come with time.
Kaylee Q.
High intensity exercise gives plenty of benefits in a short time. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups if you have access to a pull up bar, squats, sprints, hill sprints don't take a lot of time. They are all hard exercises, so start small and build it up.
Paolo F.
I'm not really an expert but, i do yoga that prevents bloating and afterwards i do 45sec of mountain climbers, rest and then 45sec os sit ups.
But an exercise that is really effective is a 1min plank, i don't really do that daily due to lack of stamina (sorry for making such a lonswer 😅)