How do you motivate yourself to get out of bed and get exercising each morning?

Daniel P.
It helps to just not even think about it and go do it. Sometimes I’ll watch other people and read their workouts for motivation and inspiration. If I’m really not up to it Mason really knows how to get me going. He’s my accountability partner.
Samantha N.
I really don’t know, I’m just a morning person but if we go deeper I think it is because I like being productive, I’m really new to exercising in my morning but I think I am motivated because I see I get a better physical condition
Corinta Q.
I need to wake up to get things done. A workout is inly 7 minutes. I always want to lose weight and dedicating only 7 minutes a day is worth it. It is simple to do and I don’t want to break my streak.
Ксения Чистякова N.
Sorry, but I still have pronlems with it. When I get out of bed I straightly go to the kitchen to make a breajfast for my very hungry little babyboy. Maybe you have some thoughts?
Isaac C.
It would be a good idea to think of why you want to exercise every morning. Do you want to get fit? Do you wish to get stronger? There are a bunch of reasons why you might want to exercise. For example, if your best friend is working out and getting fit and you want to beat him/her, start your day and get out of bed by thinking, “I will exercise more right now and beat my friend, so I can succeed.” This helps if you are a competitive person.
Areta N.
I do a simple 5 minute yoga flow. Its my me time and my time to set the intention for the day. Its a struggle sometimes, but I make myself do something. Its reqarding to check a box on the todo list first thing.
Mary N.
I think about how much I will make myself better in bed or moving, I say to myself I’m rewarding myself by going, and say this is my day
Inoc Ncio S.
I am committed to my exercise. Some times I don't exercise immediately but I get it in before morning is over. I feel better and I remind myself it is what I need to do to get to my best body.
שירה מזוז N.
Hmmm, actually I’m on this journey of finding it out just as much as you do I guess..
But I believe a good way to motivate yourself is imagining Your future self if you stick to this routine and what will be the benefits of it for you…🙂