What’s the low impact exercise more useful and quicker

Mia Q.
Walking is a very low impact exercise that I do because I have knee issue. I also do the elliptical machine and the bicycle.
Hilda O.
Yes, keeping it short made it more achievable. It helped me drink my water when I wake up and before I start my exercise, then coming home to have breakfast to keep my energy up
Jacob Z.
Walk , running, jumping are good for your health..
But you can do it more than that, what you Can do is :some push-up,or go to YouTube and download some exercise tips or workouts.. that would really help you get fit and healthy
Reinhold N.
Reverse burpees. You lie down, do a reverse crunch, then get to standing without using your knees/hands, and then do a squat jump. You can skip the jump for low impact.
Aditi C.
Bicycle crunches for sure! You can do them virtually anywhere and they really engage almost all your body parts. You can mix up the pace the more intense you want to go which is my favourite part!