Do you find it easier to work out in the morning or evening?

Ka S Q.
Morning. With my kids in school and me being a homemaker, I find it way easier to workout as soon as I have them all off to school. Then I get my workout in and done with and have the rest of the day for myself and to take care of my home.

Marten Y.
Honestly, I find it easiest to work out whenever I've got the time. I know that consistency is key for things like this, but I wouldn't exercise at all if I had to force myself to do it at a certain time each day. I have several routines that I simply cannot allow to be broken lest I feel terrible and awful the whole day… I don't really want exercise to be like that. As such, I allow myself to do it whenever I find the time. Sometimes that's the morning. Sometimes it's the evening. All I know is that I only end up "missing" a workout when I have way more on my plate than usual, or if I'm staying somewhere else than usual. NOT because I couldn't make myself do a workout.