What’s the minimum level of exertion you still consider having fulfilled your exercise habit?

Karina Z.
Sweat. Once I see sweat I feel good about my workout, whether it's long or short, hard or easy. Seeing sweat on my body makes me feel like its really working and makes me feel accomplished in my workouts.
April E.
When I get everything done (drink something, sporty clothing on,…) and I still really don’t feel like doing it, it’s okay. I think it’s most about stepping out of your lazy comfort zone, and by doing so, I’ll most likely complete the challenge as well:)
Sander P.
I consider 30 minutes minimum each day to be sufficient. Walking, horseback riding (my favorite), or normal routine weights and cardio.
Nicole N.
I use the Human app and the minimum amount of time is thirty minutes, which is just collected while you simply move about. Last summer, I had a trip and logged over three hundred minutes, so I would say that at least thirty minutes will help you. I read an article once that said people who fidget keep weight off.
Johnni E.
Even if I simply get on the treadmill for 50min and walk at 3.5 mph I feel like I've met the minimum level of exertion for the day.
Mattias Q.
That's a really subjective question. On good days I can do 30 mins cardio and then do strength exercises. On bad days all I can manage is some stretching. And I will say I've completed the habit for both instances.
For me it's about giving myself the time to exercise not the level of exertion.
Nellie Z.
I’ve got to sweat a little bit and begin to feel hot, then stay there for at least a few minutes.
That’s the level I know where I’ve moved past my usual heart rate. That’s when I know for sure I will feel the psychological benefits.
Lisa D.
For my morning exercise I took my dog on a short walk and danced to a song with my students online. I think as long as your breathing and heart rate are elevated for an extended period of time it’s exercise! 😄
Louis O.
I consider good and grateful feel a little pain in my exercise routine, that is my level to consider that I'm doing it good
El Na Y.
I don’t really have a minimum. For example, I like to do yoga as my morning exercise habit, but sometimes I have very little time so I just do 4-5 minutes of stretching As long as it’s something, it’s building the habit.