What is your solution for those mornings you absolutely don’t want to exercise? Does working out at end of day count?

Johan N.
I would do a light stretch session. Consistency is better than intensity. What i found out is if i just start doing something, often the will to exercise takes over me and i actually do a little bit more

Daniel X.
Take a step back. Make your exercise lighter on yourself. The point is to stick to a habit. Ramp it up again when ready.

Cecilie P.
Maybe just do exercise at home with videos and do shorter time, I think it helps to build the routine and it always better than not do anything!

Juliette O.
On the days I don’t feel like getting up and doing a full on workout I’ll try to do something less intense. Yoga, walk my dog, anything that gets me moving. I believe that working out at any time of the day counts! Everyone has different schedules and times of the day that stress relief is needed. I think the purpose of the exercise in the morning is to get your blood flowing, so anything you do to get moving is a good start in my eyes.

Alma Y.
Yes I think so. But better to try to do some kind of quick little morning work out… even a 7 minute quick workout in the am and then when you get a chance do your regular workout later in the day.

Hana Z.
For those days I just focus on simple exercises that involve more stretching and restorative movements. Yoga does nicely for days I don't feel like sweatin it up at the gym. Exercise is important, and keeping up with it, even more so. Habits are hard to form because we are used to doing something other than that. Keep at it! But take it slow on days you feel sluggish. It's a celebration for what you can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.

Benno N.
Just do something that you really enjoy first and then do exercise you'll be in a better frame of mind after you do something you'll love.

Nils Q.
Honestly, the mornings I don’t want to exercise are the mornings I know that I really need to. Practicing a habit means doing it even when you don’t want to, so that it becomes second nature to you. I’d recommend walking to the gym, if possible, and mentally prepping yourself along the way. It also helps because if you walk, you’ll get a certain distance before you realize that turning back would take even more effort than just going. Listening to music to get you pumped helps too! And working out counts, no matter what time of day.

Eli E.
I have those mornings not infrequently. I found that I’ll do exercises those mornings if I back off on the intensity and duration. So far, the best exercises, for me on those mornings are the Fabulous Core Abdominal routine. I do it on my bed (I like the soft surface) to make it even more doable. That’s has been a successful strategy for me.

Aaron E.
I believe exercise is the sort of habit that can make a difference no matter what time of the day you choose to execute. It is more to do with the mind than the drudgery of routine.