Should I be trying to do cardio every morning? Or is stretching/yoga okay? Should I really shoot for exactly 8 minutes?

Rafael B.
It's really up to you. Maybe try it out for a few days to see if you like it. If you're up for the challenge, then do it.
Frederik P.
I’d say anything that you’re comfortable with, as long as you keep it consistant everyday. You can definitely alternate exercices depending on how you feel that day. The goal, for me at least, is to keep a habit of moving my body a little bit every day and I don’t want to spend an hour at the gym, so I try to stick to to the 7-8 min work out on this app. It’s short but fast paced, imagine putting all the energy you could have use in an hour at the gym or yoga studio in that little 8 min. You will feel a bit tired after but achieved as you keep it consistant!
Kelya Z.
I usually go for 5 km walk in the morning unless I feel lazy, in that case i do 20 minutes yoga. I think it depends on you what is more comfortable to you
Rosie Y.
There are lots of yoga routines that are strenuous and will get your heart rate up, the same as cardio. These
are good if you want to stretch while working out.

Eight minutes is a starting goal to build the habit. I started at 8 minutes and exercise for an hour at least every morning now.

Jadwiga J.
The aim of this is to establish a regular exercise routine, but the key word is regular.

So, consider any physical activity between 5-10 minutes long to be sufficient. Getting bored? Try a 10 minute routine from YouTube. Body needs a break? Consider a brisk 10 minute walk or yoga session. Once the habit is formed, see if you want to push yourself.

Patricia O.
The answer to all three questions are yes. It doesn't really matter whether you yoga, cardio or workout. Just do it and yes 8 min is a minimum. You can do this!
Nonato W.
Stretching and yoga are more than acceptable when trying to get into a solid exercise regimen. Aim for a minimum of 8 minutes, and if you are enjoying your exercise and go over then don't stop, keep going until you are ready to finish.
Milo Y.
Hi! I am Jurand from Poland. For my 8 minutes excercise I am dolny The 7 minute workout you can
find in Fabulous App. It od very intensive and well suited for morning for me. after one week I feel stronger already!
Fabien B.
For me, workout as long as you want! I cardio exercise 5 days a week & use the other 2 to do yoga so I am giving my body a rest. Yoga counts as exercise!
Andre B.
Depends on what your goal is and how fit you currently are – are you trying to lose weight, are you looking to get toned and flexible or are you looking to gain strength? Cardio is the best for weight loss but I’d suggest mix it up . High intensity cardio one day, followed by yoga or pilates the next day. I’d say high intensity cardio for at least 25 minutes every alternate day. You can amp the heat by using some light free weights when you are doing yoga. Again if you are looking to build up some sweat 20 min a day at least
Freja F.
Part of the trick is adaptabity & your personal goals. Cardio – HIIT as you describe it – has many variants & the timers are "a suggestion not a rule". 7 minutes, nine minutes… As long as you break a sweat & RPE is at least 8, it is fine.
Every day gets tedious & doesn't allow recovery time for your body. 4-5x a week is fine.
Yoga per se isn't the best Cardio but is wonderful for stress, flexibity, balance, general comfort with your body.
It all depends on your own goals. Mix n' match may be best – stay loose! (And don't forget resistance training. Even if you are a lady, it helps posture, general body habitus, & fat burning – without making you look like "The Rock".)
Birthe U.
No. Changing it up is good. Do cardio one day, yoga the next. Your body can get use to a routine and you will stop seeing results. So I switch it up.
Sandra J.
I would do what makes you the happiest. Try different things and see what you think. Remember 8min is a suggestion, I go over and under but I have to do what works best for me. Each day is different and you have to remember that. Do what is best for you not just a list.
Veridiano O.
If you can I assume it’s better to stretch first to warm up your muscles and that would increase your performance in cardio
Dylan E.
I've found actually doing it more important than the actual activity or duration. Over the past while, I've found myself able to push myself more and start doing harder exercises in the same amount of time.

I don't always hit the 8 minute mark, but I'm always conscious of the time I haven't spent exercising, and try to do more the next day.

C Lian E.
I find that a balance between cardio and resistence training make for a workout that feels like I've worked out. Cardio is only helpful in combination with some muscle exercises. Whether it's 8 minutes or 45, if you've done something that gets your heart rate up, and you struggle slightly you've worked out.
Lilou E.
You don't have to do cardio every morning. Sometimes your body needs a little rest and stretching/yoga can help that. It can also help ease the mind and relax the body. I think 8 minutes is not enough, but you should do what makes you comfortable and the more comfortable you get you can adjust your time limit.
Alison E.
Don't work out the same system every day. That is a fast way to burn yourself out. I do recommend having stretching involved in each work out. As far as how long to exercise, you know your body best. If you want to build cardio or strength, you'll want to go harder on the workout. If you want to maintain, keeping it light.
Nicolas T.
Choose an activity or sport that you enjoy. It will not only keep you mentally relaxed but improve your physical fitness as well.
I don't enjoy gymming, so I try to go for a swim or a walk.
Yoga improves the body's flexibility and muscle tone. Power yoga has a higher tempo and combines the benefits of yoga and a cardio workout.
8 minutes is just a motivating number for beginners. It will help you to focus initially. Later you must extend the time limit for workouts.
Valentin T.
Not all days are the same. Try to do a minimum of 5 minutes of exercise every morning, as soon as you wake up. Either cardio or yoga or even stretching is fine, as long as you keep your heart rate up 🙂
Emilie C.
I love doing cardio every morning…it makes me feel active …clear minded…. and ready to face the day's routine and duties
Karl Z.
8 mins of workout is better than no workout, But it doesnt quickly add up to a workout plan with goals and growth.

For time of day guidelines i try to listen to and observe what my body can do. For me, walking in the morning is easiest. My body likes vigorous stuff and stretching in late aft or evening. And in late evening 10 or 11 pm yoga is great– a challenge yet has super benefits for a great nights sleep.

My soul likes natural environments more than gyms, so a super weekend workout is hardcore gardening with hauling digging and stretch and hold positions. Or long hikes and biking.

Silke N.
What does your time schedule look like? How do you feel that morning? If you can do cardio in the morning then do it, it's great for getting your blood pumping so that you can maintain an active day. If you're not able to do cardio, then stretching/yoga is just as good. It still help to prepare you for an active day. As far as 8 minutes goes, if you don't think you can do it right away then make it a goal and work your way up to it through a couple days. As long as you're moving and being active everyday you will eventually get to where you can maintain cardio for 30 minutes or more everyday. Cheers and remember, YOU ROCK!!!
Brittany S.
I think cardio gets your heart rate up and gives a boost of energy for the day. Yoga and stretching are good exercises But for me I would do then after I get off work as an evening ritual.
Joe J.
Anything that gets you moving is perfectly fine! 8 minutes is an easy starting point but hopefully as you settle into a routine you'll find what works for you. 8 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 minutes or more….it's up to you:)
Catherine Q.
I should be trying to do cardio & stretching every morning cause that’s a great way to observe your muscles! You even live 5 min walk from fitness center!
Freja Z.
What kind of exercise you need, and how many minutes you need, depends on your body. I start every day with weight lifting.
Liam F.
I would suggest doing yoga or stretching every morning at first. If you start cardio first, it will only make you not look forward to the next morning. After a while, you can transition into running or workouts. Also, the amount of effort you do is more important than the length of the workout. Full effort workouts are much more effective than longer, slow-paced ones. But remember to transition into it first.
Yvonne J.
I tend to do a mix but as my work is walking distance I tend to use this as my exercise during the week. On a weekend I would do yoga or stretching as long as my body is active. I also don't tend to do it for 8 mins so I think it's ok x