What exercise programs qould you recommend to someone who does not like exercising

Oscar C.
Oh this is deffinitely a hard question for me because I don't follow any specific programm😅. Usually ppl will recommend chole ting's programm because it is said to be effective but I have never try it though :))
For exercise with heat and sweat choose Chloe Ting
For exercise with a boost in arms and legs choose Emi Wong
But if you don't like firery workouts then choose April Han, her workout vid are rlly calm and only concentrate on precision in movements ( just remember to read the subtile :^)
But ideally let's put on ur shoes and start walking outside everyone know that sunlight can give you a boost in both mental and physical health. Remember to put ur shoes where is easily seen so you don't forget 🤞
(I'm sorry for my writing I'm not fluence in English 😢)
Btw I wish you best luck and hope that you will succeed in conquering exercise habit🍀
S E.
I’m starting my Pilates teacher journey, and I struggled to find a consistent way to stay in shape. Team sports were great in school ! I found that working towards a skill helped me.

I wanted to get my splits and headstand. Pilates was a low impact yet challenging way to stay mindful. So I absolutely recommend. Pilates, or skill based exercixe. When you have a goal (splits) you can do things complimentary to that. I feel like it helps hit that reward center and its a way to note progress. This happens with weights and running too. I would suggest sprinting or incline walking over jogging as they both hit that pleasure center and allow for variations.

Jessica J.
Find an activity you enjoy! For example, if you like dancing, try finding a dance exercise video you can follow along with. If you enjoy being in nature, take a walk outside. Exercise doesn't have to only take place in the gym, start with activity you enjoy then branch out once you start building the habit up.