What are your favorite energizers in the morning?

Jesse X.
Working out definitely gives me the most energy in the morning. I’ve tried showers, food, coffee- but exercise is really the only thing that works and only if I do it before eating/ right after waking up!
Paridhi C.
Eating my favorite breakfast and just giving time to myself by reading or doing something I really like before jumping into the day's work
Anna N.
1)a glass of water as soon as I wake up (was doing this before Fabulous too) 2)breakfast & coffee (bit of prep also helps waking up). With a breakfast of 270kcal I don't crash mid morning + l reach lunchtime without feeling like I'm starving.I suggest you figure out how many calories are ideal for you as breakfast so not to crash later. I eat overnight oatmeal btw. Lots of proteins keep me satisfied.
Nanna P.
Drink water as soon as you wake, alongside a lovely skimmed-milk coffee whilst switching on Challenge channel (game shows are uplifting! ☺️).
Write a to-do list for the day, it helps hold oneself accountable and really perks you up for tasks ahead!