Do you find it hard to exercise every day?

Teddy G.
Right now I can, because I recently broke my ankle. There are days where I’m just in too much pain to do anything. However, having routine therapy sessions has been helping a lot. For my tip for you, try telling someone about your exercise habit and schedule events with them. Accountability to someone else is a lot easier to keep up with than trying to manage it yourself, and the social benefits make exercising a positive experience.
Austin F.
If I would answer no that won’t be true because it is hard and that’s why I don’t mange to exercise every day properly but I understood from fabulous that it’s good to do habits one step on a time and so I do
Every morning I try to at least to jump a rope for a minute long and hopefully I will ad to that more exercise step by step
Evandro O.
Yes sometimes as I'm new here I forget about my goals I set on the app but this app is having really good feature of having reminder like the send notifications (reminder) we can also set the time when they can send the reminder so we can complete it. In short just believe in yourself and you will also see a new you with the help of this app!
Cecil U.
i always try to find some excuse to not exercise. finding exercises on youtube about what i want is sometimes challenging because some might work, some not. but when i actually do exercise, its really fun
Stephanie N.
Sometimes. What helps me remain consistent is shrinking the task mentally. I usually only have time for a 10-15 min yoga routine or ab workout.