How do you stick to your fitness routines with an infant and a toddler?

Craig F.
That's hard for me to answer as I have no children. If you have a partner, perhaps an aggreement could be made so he/she can mind the little ones while you do your exersise. (In the end though, i canimagine looking after an infant/s is quite a work out in itself 😉) sorry if this is not the best answer but I hope you can find a soloution that works for you.

Luke R.
After they do there excercise always reward them but never with food because what's the point in doing excercise if u are going to gain it back again

Chad C.
You have to do your routine earlier, make things get prepared in the morning before all you have to do enter in your day.

Aurora O.
Honestly, I don't have kids but what I would try is to get them to exercise with you. Play music that they like while you work out. Show them a few stretches and then let them dance. If you have an infant, put them in those little bouncy chairs and let them bounce to the music. It teaches them that exercise is good for them while also letting you do your workout.

Maxine Y.
I imaging the one i gonna be by following this routinn, a stronger more confident person. Thinking about her makes me go on

Oana E.
When I don't feel like doing workout I think why is it better for me to do it and I told myself that I need to do it because I will become a healthy, happy and productive person.

Mia N.
i do not have an infant or a toddler, so that’s a thing ;). maybe you could try going to the gym instead of working out at home while your infant is at preschool or baby class.