How do you stay on the wagon in keeping your exercise habit when you’re sick or traveling for work with little down time?

Shannon N.
for starters, i recognize that exercise every single day is UNREALISTIC. funny you ask this because i just recently had a trip where we had a long drive, its important not to let interruptions in exercise routines ruin your day. i was able to stretch a bit inside of the car and tried to move a bit when we were outside of the car but traveling is rough on the body, and its ok to be tired and not exercise. for the sickness aspect, it can be hard to take breaks, when i had covid, i still tried to walk on the treadmill and dance and train, but that can be very harmful and prevent full recovery, currently i have a bad cough, so today for my exercise i had a stretching session with a couple ab exercises on a bosu ball.
Evan Q.
Exercise is essential for me without it I can’t focus or get through my day so that’s why I keep at least a walking session in my routine, when you prioritise exercising and do it even in a little to no time in your day; that’ll help you making it a habbit of yours, also exercising shouldn’t be something difficult or hard to approach it should be something that you enjoy and/or escape to when you feel down or something.
Michelle F.
I’m new to all this so I’m learning it all too.
I would check your app while it’s quiet with your friends and family or when your home. I’m sure it will be ok to have a day off now and then.
The next day is a new day so start again on the new day don’t be too. Harsh on yourself too
If you are sick don’t worry too much about falling off the wagon just start again once your feeling better.
If you only have five minutes to yourself just do a few exercises like stretches in yoga or meditation.
There are workout routines for 5 minutes on YouTube you could try if you haven’t found one on here to suit yourself.
It’s all about finding what works for you too.
It’s ok to have rest days and catch up when you can too.
Hollie G.
I downloaded an app my friends use. I can see where they have worked out and we cheer each other on. Sometimes it is harder when you don’t feel well but it’s good even just to stretch. When you’re traveling you just open the app on your phone and you can exercise anywhere!