I’ve made random dancing part of my Routine, I can’t seem to follow pre-made exercise, including Zumba. Is there anyway to train my brain and body to incorporate certain movements that would be beneficial, but still dancing?

Roberto E.
Just try putting on a playlist you like. Then, dance how ever you want. The more you are moving, themore beneficial the dancing is. If you want to challenge yourself, then you can just learn a few moves and you can practice them while listening to your music. I tend to incorporate ballet into my freestyle dancing involuntarily just because I've been studying ballet for a while. You can do the same. Just learn a few moves in a dance then go on and dance your heart out.
Emma W.
I usually do squats or side bends to the beat, free dancing for a couple minutes then doing an alternation of wide and narrow squats with a reach overhead to side stretch. That way I still have my freedom of dancing while working some of the body’s largest muscles.
Alina Q.
I use Just Dance videos on YouTube, try to remake every step little by little, even slowing the video helps me, so at the end I learn a new choreography and I distress my body as well!
William Q.
Well , yes you can but u have to start slowly step by step , you can play your favorite song and start dancing but in between you can add certain moves of zumba that require high impact and energy so by that you combined dancing and zumba.
Bego A Z.
The key here would be to learn which exercises you want to incorporate to your random routine and then finding songs that would encourage you to include them. My two cents.
Massimo F.
Just keep your heart rate up and do your thing! Soon you'll find yourself jumping, squatting, and doing other things that are exercise.
Milan S.
I sometimes pick some movements like squats lunges air punches push-ups etc and find a fast up beat techno track and do the movements in time with the music.
Glenda Q.
Yes, I think that dancing is an exercise per se. Full body movement does already stretch all your muscles. The more you explore dancing positions, the more you activate muscles you would not think you have. Dance should be free in my opinion, you should go with the flow of music and incorporating pre-made movements would make it less spontaneous. One think you could do though is remember to jump a bit, to pump your cardio. Do not forget to smile to yourself and give love and appreciation to your dancing body 🙂
Chen N.
I think that you first need to ask yourself why you want to incorporate more movements to your dancing routine. Is it because you’re not satisfied with your current routine or is it because you feel like you have certain goals and dancing randomly won’t get you there. Whatever your why is. Once you understand your real why and accept it, you’ll be more able to incorporate things to your routine even if you don’t want to do them at first. Secondly, you should understand that there’s nothing you can’t do. Even if things don’t come smoothly now, sticking to them will get you where you want to be. You also need to have a plan. Have a plan and stick to it, no matter how hard it is at first or how long it takes you to get used to it. Be proud of yourself, you’re already doing great❤️
Raymond P.
A good casual exercise I’ve done before is turning activities into work outs, like if I have to use my step stool to get something I’ll do leg raises while I’m up there or if I have to get something from low cabinets or off the ground I’ll turn it into some squats
Patricija T.
Dancing is a cardio workout. You could include jumping in your dancing to bring that cardio to the next level. Also some squats, lunges and more workout moves can be included. Be creative!