How do you find time to work out especially if you have a very demanding job?

Kealy P.
i would say go to bed a little bit earlier so you can wake up a little earlier. it doesn't have to be like 2 hours earlier just make sure you have had enough time to sleep so you dont feel so exhausted when you wake up and aren’t able to get our of bed.
Weirdo C.
I would try to do something that could count as exercise in my everyday life. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. That is a form of exercise that you could do. You could also walk to work or take the long way when walking around your job. I don't know. Find something you can do in your everyday life.
Olga Z.
I think that sometimes is better to set aside your job when you cant anymore with it and try to relax a bit with workout. Lets say you usually work until 6pm but as your job is demanding you need to say 3 out of 5 days until 8 i would reduce half an hour on those days to even though you may not finish give yourself a reward with a good workout you can always keep working when you are tired and your mind rested!
Julie Z.
I think waking up a hour or more before your job gives you time to squeeze in a short workout. You don't need to work out every single day but choose a couple of day to do at least one workout. 😊