How do you stay motivated to run every day, to be consistent? This is my biggest struggle.

Adora T.
maybe because i really enjoy it when im doing it. when i run in the morning, im just feeling all the morning atmosphere around me with calming music that i hear from my phone. it just like a dream, like you don't have to think anything when you're doing exercise

Alpha N.
I start my day by reading a couple pages of book, then i can go through my day better. I'll get more motivation and be more productive.

August Y.
This is a difficulty I have too. I tried to make my goals simple and if I find myself struggling to attain them I just adjust my goal to something that is more achievable. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Wesley Z.
I try to not think of it as something I have to do but instead as just the next thing in my routine. I don't come home from work and think "now I have to go run" I try and thing "the next thing I'm going to do today is run" and I find that makes a world of difference

Chiara Z.
I'm not motivated at all. But when Im going to do it I think about the body that I want and I can afford If I continue working on my self

Ily S A.
Mostly, I keep up for my self satisfaction. I, particularly, think on all the movies, shows, games, where the main character has amazing coordination and preparation, and what kind of skill I would need to have to be like that person. In that situation, would I be able to survive? Would I be an asset or an weight? If I had to run from a mob, zombie or not, would I be able to keep up or my body would fail me when I need it the most? This level of training I've reached right now, would it be enough to keep me alive in that situation? So I always strive to run longer, farther and faster. The feeling of freedom it gives me is amazing. It is a good hurt, it is a good tired. At first, the legs hurt, the feet hurt, the lungs burn, the heart feels like it won't manage. But if you keep up, you will notice that before running down the street was an struggle, but now it is just half of what you can do. Every week it's you pass that corner that had you stopping to catch your breath, and every week you reach it faster, and the new limit is just a little more distant.

Guillaume Y.
I don't run but I do yoga and it is a struggle sometimes. In that moment I want to stay in bed I remember how I feel after yoga and how I feel if I do not do it and that usually gets me up.

Tristan Y.
I stay motivated by removing all negativity and making sure I have everything I need done to be done I remind myself that I wanna look at my body and say wow you look good and not think of all the fat I wanna have a slim body so there for I always keep in mind to stay motivated and don’t ever give up

Kareena A.
In my life I have never exercised or in my family people have never given importance to physical or mental health and after marriage I got stressed because of work . My husband is very upportive and asked to join gym with him so now every morning we go gym together

Afrina F.
I look myself in the mirror and think that I dont look good. Not healthy enough so I keep try to so I that become a better and more wanted version of myself .

Leone E.
I don't really have an answer to this bc I dont run but mabey when you treat yourself after your run and listen to your favorite music while you're running. Take things slow even a small step is good like a 5min run! I am proud of you! Keep going