Do you use a device to track your exercise? How is that working for you?

Nevena F.
Yes I do and it is awesome. I have more motivation when I use app and Idk why but I will be happy while it is so I use it everyday.

Pratiksha N.
Yes I m using some apps and it did well till now I got some information about it and most importantly the right track to do it rather than doing by my own I didn't follow all but the most preferably for me…coz I'm different n beginner so I go by my level so just remember keep going if you got one day miss don't start again just start today from where you left keep doing

Rebecca T.
I do enjoy using the Nike run app, are use that consistently for years. However, after injuries, I have taken a couple of years to heal sadly. Now I am using my fitness pal to track my calories, nutrition, and exercise.The my fitness pal app is my under armor and they have coordinating apps to help you track exercise. I also have the under armor app called map my walk. I really love using this apps. I hope that you find one you like as well and I hope you have a happy day!