Does exercising at night make it harder to sleep?

Nicolas O.
It’s different for all people but for most of them it does. Because your adrenaline levels and body temperature go up it makes your body harder to relax and cool down. I recommend exercising no later than 2 hours till you need to be in bed, but it’s different for everyone.

Holly F.
Exercising before you sleep: In my experience it depends on what type of exercise you are doing and how soon after you exercise, are you trying to sleep. If your bedtime is 10pm probably a hard workout at 8pm you will still have your adrenaline rush. I prefer winding down exercises like relaxing yoga or stretching which helps with me sleeping better.

Elias B.
Not necessarily. Exercising 3-4 hours before bedtime helps me to sleep better. However, exercising 30 mins – 1 hour before bedtime may make it harder to sleep at night because my body will still feel those effects and cause me to feel restless

Stephen F.
It depends! When you get your body moving like that, you get hyper which can make not want to go to bed or fall asleep. However, it could also make you tired. You might do a hard workout and get tired afterwards making you want to go to sleep. Honestly, it’s just you personal preference. I recommend exercising late afternoon so that way you are not hyper going to bed. Also, being tired enough to fall asleep in a couple hours. Just do what YOU feel like doing!

Rashida N.
Actually, yes and no… I have a sleep issue anyway , so I can easily fall to sleep, but I will not stay sleep. The work out burns allot of the unused energy that I have built up throughout the day and is a great stress reliever. I’ve known many people to say it gives them energy, so the workout at the start of their day, however for me that is rarely ever the case. I have noticed that at times if I am sleep after a workout, it almost feels like my eyes are just closed but my body is ready to do more.