What do you do to feel less guilty about getting up late?

Diana R.
Tell yourself that it’s okay, everybody makes mistakes, but the winners are the ones that keep going. Try to learn from your mistake and think about what led you to do it and be careful not to repeat it again. Start again tomorrow, waking up as early as is your goal! Good luck😚
Elna Y.
I simply allow myself to do so if there's no immediate need to get up early because in my opinion, it's not wise to go against what your body might need. In this case, rest. Though getting up late and then feeling guilty about it might imply there's something wrong going on in your psyche and emotions. Is there some matter you're not entirely being honest to yourself? Maybe you're hiding or running from something you'd rather not face. Well, you should face it. Otherwise it will only torment you longer. You are not your enemy, you should be the first to show understanding and compassion to yourself. Do so. You deserve it.
Hansiana C.
Saying no. I starts to notice how emotional and to much of a people pleaser I was when I felt guilty about saying no. Now I just realize that if I don't want to do something I don't have to. So I'm not too guilty
Yedidiyah N.
I’ve stopped feeling guilty because I usually wake up on time. If I do wake up late, it’s just that my body needed extra rest and nothing is wrong with that (: