How long do you exercise for, and do you do it every single day?

June U.
I do exercise every day. During the week I bike to and from work which takes about 30 minutes each way. Then on the weekends I run or bike for 30-60 minutes each day
Valdo Z.
I do three minutes of stretching and then a seven minute workout with an app. On the weekends I usually fit in a couple of little exercises here and there while I make breakfast and play with my kids
Zenilda Q.
I'm trying to set a 5 minute warm up routine for everyday. Ideally I'd achieve my old system which is 6 times a week, +30 minutes
Victoria Y.
I sometimes only have 5short minutes. Then i just do a few rounds of simple yoga sunsalutation or simple streching. But you feel the difference throughout the day. On days with more time in the morning i treat myself with some HIIT or jogging for 30-60mins. But really, every minute counts as long as you focus on the movements and how your body feels. Good luck!
Cynthia Z.
I have a really cheerful 3 song playlist and I play it every morning and have a "dance party" with my kids. So it's maybe only 10 minutes or so, but it is consistent (and fun)!
Rafael Y.
It depends on what I have to do that day and the time I have. If I'm really late, I'll do the 1' get moving 'training' and something more another time of day. If I kind of have time, I tend to do 7-10' of a series of push-ups and other exercicies. Probably even take a shower afterwards.
Elfriede O.
i like to work out 5x a week for at least 30-40m a day but not every single day. your body would like a rest day! i view it as an excellent way to burn off steam and stress! who isn't stressed these days? so instead of self-destructive ways to burn steam? this is more proactive. i'm not always showing up 100% those 5x a week but i know i'll always be there the next time!
Youssef S.
I do exercise for like 8 minutes, I'm an engineering student so I go to school riding my bicycle; even when I don't have school, I go for a ride for like 10 minutes.
Debora G.
After a depression warning diagnosis I started exercising one week ago (so I maybe I can avoid traditional medicines), I am going to the gym every single day, sometimes twice a day, always respecting the limits of my body and it is being very good.
Jessica F.
I have a puppy so I take him for walks twice a day everyday. Firstly we we first wake up and secondly when I get home from work. We don’t always go far, maybe 20 minute walk but sometimes we have so much fun we are out for hours. It’s a fun way to explore the neighbours and wander down streets we normally wouldn’t.
Enzo Z.
i to exercise 30-60 mins a day. i do a mix of ab exercises, leg exercises and cardio. however on 2/7 days in the week i don’t do cardio so my workout is a little shorter. i try to stick to this routine but sometimes life gets in the way- and that’s okay! so long as you can get back into the routine all is fine
Kiki R.
I try to do yoga for 30mins each day. Of course there's things which get in the way like work or if I don't feel well, and there's no point in beating myself up over it, because if it feels like a chore I won't enjoy it and won't continue it. I also like to do physical stiff with stu like going for walks or squash and try to do one a weekend.
Oscar C.
I ensure I do the 1-minute exercise every morning as soon as I wake up. Other than that, I fit in whatever works for the day. Sometimes, it’s a lunch-hour walk, or the 7-minute workout after work, or a yoga session from my Yoga app before bed. As long as you’re doing more than you were before, celebrate!