I hate exercise, how do I find the motivation to get out and do it because I know its important. The thought of having to exercise for the rest of my life is depressing.

Mauren N.
Maybe if you listen to music then you can find joy in it and you get motivated! Its whati always do and keep doing it because we all know you can do it!
Aisha Z.
Think why you are hate the exercise , why can't you do it , then start even if you are not motivated because if you only start when motivate come to you you will never start it , then when you answer these questions start doing easy exercise , it's up to you , I asked Allah to help you ,
Good luck ( :
Charlotte F.
Well for me at least the thing that motivates me to do other things other than sit down is the fact that if u were to watch yourself sit all day it’d be even more depressing, think of it this way, you literally have 9-12 hours to do anything but choosing to sit or lie down for that amount of time is even more depressing. Take a long 1-hour good look at yourself and you’ll feel the weight of not doing anything far outweighs doing something .
Hiyori E.
Maybe you should think about the result of a strong body, let you do many things in your life without being tired. If you dont know how to start, count 1-5 then stand up and exercise immediately, this will make you stop postponing!!
Lara Z.
Exercise may seem something depressive at first, but once it’s a habit on your life it turns to something really positive. Exercising produces a hormone, serotonin, that gives you energy, happiness and joy for the rest of the day. Start slow, and continue consistently. You will have results and achieve results positives! You can do this