As an after school workout, may you please give me some quick exercise techniques to get the most bang for your buck?

Edelmira Q.
I don't really like the quick exercises. But if you just want that quick sweaty exercise than push ups and leg raises work really well. Throw some jumping jacks in there and your guaranteed to get your heart rate going.

Al Rio S.
One app that really helps me is the Nike Training App. It's free and has loads of workouts you can do (with or without equipment) according to how much time you have and what you want to work on. They have some very powerful short ones, including a 5 minutes core workout that burns a lot of calories in a short period of time. It involves a lot of variations on planks.

Gisela S.
The best work out is to simply walk home or run home – make exercise part of your commute, this way you can't back out because you have to go home after all. And it's free too :). Good luck!

Alexander P.
I like to do circuits as these are short but effective. High intensity interval training is great we you can do a couple of short circuits with a few minutes break in between but you don't have to spend ages exercising. Try doing one leg workout, one upper body and one and per week and you'll get really good results, fast

Emmy W.
I do crunches, jumping jacks, push ups, v ups, bicycle crunches, squats, wall sits, planks, I do sprints across my backyard, I tumble etc……I also stretch before all of this.

Pauline T.
45 Crunches
45 Russian Twists
1 minute plank
10-15 Push-ups
15-20 Tricep Dips
45 Squats (jump opt.)
10 Lunges (jump opt.)
30 second Wall Sit
5 Burpees (opt.)
If you want to get notebooks bang for your buck do the optional choices.

Gotthold Y.
I personally like to go running. It’s a low initial investment (just a pair of running shoes) and you can do it pretty much anywhere at any time. Remember, it’s ok to take walking breaks during your run, especially when first starting out. As you build more cardiovascular endurance you will be able to maintain a running pace longer. Remember, whether you’re running or walking, the key is to just keep moving!

Coline T.
A HIgh Intesity Workout is the shortest and most effective if you are pressed for time. Try looking up BBG. It’s an online program that does three 28 min workouts a week. I personally saw significant muscle toning and gained strength through a 12 week cycle of putting High Intensity in my schedule!

Loane E.
Burpees are the traditional most bang for buck you can do anywhere, but other activities that use the whole body like dance are good too.

Jimmy T.
Hit the trail. Studies show ADHD is reduced when exercising, playing, or working in nature. Play then work verses work harder play harder.

Irmino F.
Get a pair of small weights and do a few reps. Then do sit ups and crunches, push ups, and squats. Take a few minutes to then stretch.

Teresa E.
A simple circuit workout is great. You can find many different ideas for these online very easily. To start out, a 5-10-15 workout is nice! Do 5 of one thing, such as push ups, then 10 of something else, maybe crunches, and then 15 of something else, like jumping jacks! Take a 20 second break between each set, and repeat the set 5 times. It’s a simple workout to start out with and anyone can try it.

Anton W.
7 min workout It’s online and it hits all the muscle groups with high intensity at your own max effort and body weight. It can be done anywhere at anytime. Good luck!!