How long do you usually exercise in the morning?

Gabby N.
Normally only do a short 5-10 minute workout at the moment and do a longer one later on in the day because I haven’t sorted out my sleep schedule yet so don’t have enough time in the morning yet
Aisha N.
My workouts usually take from 15 to 30 minutes. I started out small in the beginning with 5 mins of warm-up and 5 mins of cool-down with whatever workout in between. Hope this helps!
Francisco F.
As a beginner I started to work on my cardio but it mostly depends on your body type or what you are aiming to achieve if you need to lose weight and want to look lean with toned muscles you do cardio one day and weight exercises the next and repeat that routine, for example Monday I run on the treadmill for a 1 hour session then use the cycling
Noemie O.
I fact it depends of what I do, I usually do 30mins of upper body(arms,back,shoulders) and lower too( gluts,legs..), but when I do for my abs I only do for -now- 15mins, because I still struggle with my strength there
Noah Y.
I exercise for 15 minutes daily if u have just started the start from a short amount of time and also don't leave working out in between as it can cause terrible body aches 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Steph N.
I don't do it in the morning, its whenever you feel like it fits. If your a night owl like me, I do it later in the evening purposefully. However throughout the day ill be bopping around doing different things. A walk around the neighbourhood and some yoga to answer your q.
Shantel E.
I'm fairly new to exercise so I wanted to start off slow. Having a physically intense job doesn't make it easy either because I wake up with aches and pains every day. However getting up and completing the exercise feels amazing. I do yoga so it stretches out the aches and pains and relaxes my mind for the day ahead. The time varies but I spend no more than 10 minutes on my morning exercise currently. I increase the breath cycles for each exercise once a week and i have yoga cards for inspiration. I want to change my yoga routine every new week to try new things and find what workss for me and push myself.
Robyn Q.
I usually like to exercise between six or maybe seven haurs it depends how long I want to exercise for and I stop when I need to
Kerttu U.
Anything from 10 min to 30 min. I often don’t have a lot of time in the mornings, and little is always better than nothing.
Mairi U.
Around 5-10 minutes, usually? I try to squeeze in a little stretching session whenever I can. And because I don’t wanna be sweaty at school, I do really gentle yoga.
Noah Y.
In the very morning, I stretch for 5 minutes just to get my blood moving. Then at lunch time, I'll do 10 minutes to shake the sleepies.
Lucy E.
Hey friend! I usually exercise for around 20-30 minutes in the morning. I like to go for a jog/run for around 20 minutes as it helps me to clear my mind, and then I stretch for around 10 minutes after I’m done as it will make my body feel relaxed to start the day. From a quote I read here on fabolous that stuck with me: “Exercise is not for the body, but for the mind” it really is true. Whenever I exercise my days become lighter and my mood is great!

Hope this works!
Sincerely, an e-friend

Riu Z.
I usually just stretch or do some light core workout in the morning, but that's because I go to the gym not Long after. I wake up at 09, then go to the gym around 11
Michelle F.
Personally I aim for 20mins in the morning for exercise or meditation to start the day.
It all depends on your goals as to how long you want to workout for and reach those goals
Lindsay F.
Usually around 20 minutes. It seems so be the sweet spot where I feel energized but it’s not so much that I feel intimidated
Olivia J.
I usually only do a short session of yoga over the past week due to me never having a routine of exercise. I have a 3-5 minute session building muscle so that one day I can be in a vigorous and disciplined routine.
Albert P.
Depends, when I’m busy I’ll try a quick 7-10 minute workout. When I have time I will go for a 30-40 minute walk and if I’m feeling energetic I will do a 30 minute skipping HIIT