How do you pull yourself to workout when you are feeling depressed?

Beverly U.
Feeling depressed meaning a low energy level, not being able to competent in any thing, relationship problems , cant able to concentrate in your duties or daily task. The 1st thing we have to do is make a positive energy inside us. For that just loosen your muscles and free up your mind by doing a minimum 10 minutes of meditate. After that just think about the past pending works to be done or upcoming duties we need to accomplish. This will gives you a clarity of necessity of my present life. Give ultimate importance for that , at that point of time itself you're being neutralized and starts rushing the positivity in your mind. The energy starts boost up because every humenbeing are being created in such a way to do their duties for their entire life. A pending work or upcoming duty will start generating a energy inside us with no doubt, For completing it our mind starts finding different ways. Any simple task you completed will give you enough potential to keep your mind alive. You can use this potential for start work out to follow up towards your goal.
It works👍👍
Orfeas F.
First of all I want to say that, since I'm still getting used to daily exercise, if there's a day that my mental health isn't the best, I may allow myself to skip exercising so that I can focus on my mental health. Of course, caring for your mental health can also mean exercising. But if you're not there yet, don't worry. What I think so that I can keep going even on bad days is the feeling of accomplishment that I'll get once I'm done exercising. Sometimes I'll do maybe half my routine, or I'll just go for a walk instead. But even that is exercising and I always feel great after.
Ivan Y.
I personally think about the time i spend feeling depressed, and what i could've and can do with that time instead. So when its time to work out i think of what i will become if i really push myself. Once you start youll feel much better. Especially after the work out too.
Carl W.
First and foremost you have to give thanks yet for another day. Rise up and say a prayer, go on YouTube and listen to motivational stuff, ask the lord for motivation within and what ever else you may see your needs for, start small and the let your workouts be one of your motivations. Let all that your feelings be released in your workouts, or you can find a zumba class were there is other people, take walks so your mind would be forcus on ther pleasant things. take life day by day. Tell yourself not today depression. Remember it a mind thing be positive and and positive things would follow. I've been there, hope this helps. Blessed
Robin Y.
I cut down my workout time to the bare minimum. Even a little bit is better than nothing! If all you can do is jog in place for one minute, that's still better than just being sedentary – and it might improve your mood a little!
Zenira Q.
Maybe think of it as a part cure. As exercise had been shown to help against depression. So if you want to lose your blues – get moving!
Miguel N.
I just tell myself to do it for 5 minutes, generally I keep going after that, but it's easy to commit just for a short amount of time.
Il Dio Q.
I’m not sure. I seem to always just give up. Maybe I can try lowering the bar and just “put one foot in front of the other”, play some fun music, not sure.
Damian E.
A lot of time this is caused by information overload, lack of focus.
I give myself one day or sometimes with listening to ambient sounds and get off of internet so I can do my routine and habits again.
Nupur T.
It doesn’t matter, if you’re sad or happy all that matters is reaching your goal. Tell your self that reaching that goal and then feeling better is much needed… so keep that present mood a side and starting moving
Irma A.
I try and take a few classes per week, that way I am forced to go no matter how I feel (because I don’t want to waste my money haha). However if you do it at home, I just try my best to start with a short workout in the morning, and slowly work my way up to a longer workout (just so it’s not all of a sudden).
Tha S C.
I agree it’s not easy. That’s why I stopped doing this for more than a year. And my life went into pieces and the depression got even deeper. Don’t give up. Those 5 minutes of workout a day will give you power to fight the bad thoughts. I’m back on track and already feeling better.