Do you eat breakfast first or just take a quick bite and coffee before exercising in the morning? Because I tend to lose motivation if I wait too long.

Asta P.
I drink some small amount of water first before starting any exercise since I don't want myself to be dehydrated from my sleep. It's normal to lose some motivation but just do things that would work on you before you accumulate them in your habits- so that it wouldn't be hard for you to continue doing them. Start on the little steps first.
Carmen P.
I do drink coffee but before I even do that I do a startup exercise before I get out of bed. You have to push yourself but you also need to be kind to yourself. So I do 60 short sit- ups, 10 leg-lifts( on each leg) then I stand in place and do 20 reps of jogging in place! Most importantly you must stretch properly after this small workout because otherwise you will pay for this. I sprained my back, sprained my inner thigh muscle, torn my ligament muscle in my arm feom not stretching properly. Everything is linked to your back and abdomen muscles. You'll see what I mean! Hope this helps you!