Do you lift weights? Why do you do it?

Tammy Z.
I do! It helps build muscle strength and tones the body. And I love the satisfaction of seeing how much I collectively lifted in one gym session (there are lots of apps that do that 🙂 )
Stefanie O.
Yes, to build my muscle endurance to running season and to build up my overall flabby strengh; to feel the endorphins coursing through me and finally to try to level with Sam. But I only do it for me, not anyone else.
Peyton U.
One of the best question I've received so far. Short answer, yes, I do and because it strengthens my body and makes me look and feel better. Real question is why should you lift too. When you workout you tear muscle and rebuild it, this proces is part of your metabolism. Aka burning energy. If you workout with weights you want 100% of muscles working at 100% efficiency (but that's hardly possible), that way you get maximum tear and maximum regeneration so biggest progress. In order to do so, you pick the heaviest weight you can find that you do once and go a little below that so you could do 5-8 reps. That way you use 70-80% of muscle on 100% efficiency. Best thing is, you keep burning calories long after you're done with lifting because of this metabolism process. Now to cardio in comparison. This improves body function, not fat burning like most think. What you'd want is get your heartrate as high as possible as quick as possible. (170-180% of normal) If you can do that in 10 minutes, then 10 minutes of cardio is enough. To target different muscle groups you could combine cardio types, like running, biking and swimming. you can combine it with lifting, but don't do cardio before lifting and to be honest, don't do cardio and lifting on the same day (you'll burn all energy you have and the next day you'll wish you hadn't)
So that's why I lift and why you should too, maximum results, and you'll start loving the muscle soreness after a week, I genuinely miss it if I don't work out often.
Jonathan W.
I do. For me it’s a two-part reasoning. I get stronger and it helps prevent bone loss, posture issues, and the like as you age.
Eva T.
Yes I do. But not too heavy – I’m more focused on better technique than on increase in weight. Good question. I do it because it creates a body look that I like and because it improves my health, strength and fitness. I want to lift weights my entire life.
Francis F.
I am not lifting weights at present, however, when was weight training it was to help reduce the fat to muscle ratio on my arms. It worked. I only ever got up to 8 lbs in free weights. I started with 5lbs and started with 3 sets of 10 reps each exercise and I’d do them in rounds of 3 exercises focusing on different muscle groups. I would in crease in 5 rep incriminates. By the time I switched to 8lbs free weights I was up to 30 reps with the 5 pounders. I was developing lean mass instead of bulking up. I already have broad shoulders and thick arms so I was very pleased with the results. When it comes to weight training it’s good to define what results you are looking for before diving in. If you want to bulk out my technique won’t work for you. Good luck and my you have much success!
Marlies R.
I don't lift weight lately but I used to do it a lot. It's good for your muscles, it helps you build muscle. I'd like to start again but this time maybe two times per week. Too much is not healthy.
Manuel S.
No, I dont lift weights. I find using my own body weight for exercising (planks, squats, push ups, etc.) is easier and just as effective.
Apolline O.
No. I did about two decades ago. I am currently into stretching and PT exercises because I recently had an ACL Reconstruction surgery.
Isabella G.
Yes, I lift weights, because I can think and focus on how much I can lift (how much I can physically handle) it helps me to reflect on my problems and how much I can handle in my life, I can push myself to my limits. It’s an amazing feeling, to be able to achieve something myself!
Armando S.
I don't, but I want to. What's keeping me from it is lack of a good, affordable teacher, because you can do it wrong and mess yourself up. Maybe I'm being overly cautious.
Maria Z.
Because it's important to exercise the muscles with weight-bearing activities. Not only will it keep you toned and strong, but it will also prevent muscle wastage. Plus it has long-term benefits… I'd rather be mobile in my old age.
Jose Q.
I actually don’t lift weights. I’m not a fan of going to the gym because I enjoy the outdoors. I do Plyometrics which uses dumbbells and mostly body weight exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, walking lunges, squat jumps, box jumps and different variations of planks. I mostly do this during the winter months. My main form of exercise is cycling. I race from March till September with occasional recreational rides throughout the year and I ride throughout the winter months to keep my base training unless it’s really cold or snow outside, then I’ll use my bike trainer along with Zwift.
Ramona W.
Yes I do.
It gives a certain feeling of masculinity, and it changes my body physique in a beautiful & rewarding way. Not to mention the mental rewards of completing a difficult exercise like this! 💪🏻
Holly C.
I don't lift weights. I do push ups and squats though. I really don't want to bulk up, I want to tone and svelte. Maybe resistance bands would be a good way to do more with my muscles in a functional way
Lya T.
No, one of my fitness classes uses hand weights, but I disklike gym workouts so don’t do any actual weight lifting. Although it has lots of benefits, it works better if I focus on exercises that are enjoyable, otherwise I’m unable to stick with it.
George J.
No. I don't go to gym and I'm not lifting weights. But I do exercise and that's usually basic home exercises with no equipment needed.
Tilde P.
No – I run in the morning approx 5 days a week and try and do some yoga most days even if only for short while – I also try and walk in pm on those days I don't run in morning. I am lucky as on my run there is an urban gym so I do stop by there for 5 mins and do 1 round on the 5 equipments so that involves a bit of 'weights'.