Is HIIT really useful?

Tony S.
Not really unless you’re a high performance athlete. Low-medium intensity cardio at a consistent pace is much more useful.
Pooja P.
Yeah, quite useful as in the morning i feel good due to this. I get positivity so i can work all the day with full energy and positively.
Joy W.
For a while, I would try to do a HIIT workout every day. Of course, as my schedule got more busy, I mostly lost the habit. However, I found that HIIT activates and works out every part of your body, and is usually pretty quick. This left me feeling energized and accomplished almost every day. I would recommend getting the app Workout for Women if you want some pre-made HIIT workouts (anyone can use it, though)!
Harry B.
I truly believe it is. I had a lot of experience with it during my teenage years and it has proven to be a good investment for the long run. Even though my exercising habits vanished dramatically, the fitness level I achieved in the past stuck with me and is helping me get back on track. Just go for it!
Charell N.
I’ve never tried it but high intensity training for a short session is supposed to be really beneficial if you want to challenge.