What do you do about exercise when you get sick? I usually slack off and have a hard time getting back to my normal schedule.

Douglas T.
Oh, I haven't been to such situation yes. However, the one probably should make some very simple exercises anyway to stay "in the form".
Carrie J.
When I am sick I completely forget about exercise. If it is just a cold without fever or some cough I dont consider it to be sick, more than that it is get well and recover time for me. When the fever and runny nose are gone I start with cardio and slowly get back to the routine.
Ava C.
If I’m sick, I don’t exercise. You got to respect your body, and give it the proper rest for it to recover. But AS SOON AS I get better I get back to it. Probably because I already formed the habit.
Everalda Q.
I try to do small exercises even if it’s just a single one per day. Not as much to train but to keep the habit and have it easier to slowly ramp back up later.
Zofia Y.
I do what you do and feel fine about it. That’s the way to go – listen to your body, not your thoughts of what you should do.
Mary L.
I have found that taking a very easy light walk on the treadmill when I'm sick keeps the habit ingrained well allowing me some rest time
Rosie C.
Do something light. But whatever you do don’t get caught in the cycle of laziness. I wouldn’t suggest going super hard, done it, and it didn’t end well. But even just getting up and going to sit on the bike and read something for 20 min keeps your mind on progression.
Harry E.
First and foremost, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Do all you can to not get sick. But if you do, it's time to let discipline shine and pull yourself through it.
Hella O.
Take the time off they I need to heal and begin feeling better. When I’m sick, Rest, hydration, and healthy eating are more important than exercise.
Frederick P.
I count stretching as exercise. Even just the lightest of stretching and yoga counts for me. At these times, the most important thing for me is to keep the habit going so that in the long run there is less friction towards working out.
Melina N.
At home, gentle workouts are a way to go when sick. I’ve even ventured out to the gym for a yoga class or just to sweat in the sauna for 30 minutes if I’m not up to moving my body.
Lyna Q.
I think it's ok to have a rest when you are sick and need good rest to recover yourself.But You can visualize your virgin heart why you start exercising and the great moment.Just do it once as you recover.
Mario J.
It depends on “what kind” of sick I am! If I’m in the habit and don’t want to break my streak I’ll jusy do something light. But if I feel real bad- it’s all about self care!
Oscar E.
I usually meditate, do breathing exercises or stretch instead of real exercising. That way you still do the routine without making your condition worse.
Math O Y.
I have a program that a do certian workouts on certians days so if I am sick some of the days i just skip dose workouts and contiune like normal
Bertram E.
It depends what type of sickness it is and how it affects me. Which is to say, if it’s just a little head cold or stomach pain, I at least push through with something light, even if it’s just a walk or a short stroll on the stair machine. But if it takes me out utterly, it’s important to put your health first; that’s the whole point of working out, right? Give yourself a few days (or more!) to feel healthy, and then ease yourself back into things if it’s hard to jump back in full force. Recently, someone I admire on Instagram (@syattfitness) made a post that “anything worth doing is worth doing POORLY.” Anything is better than nothing. And often, once I get myself moving, it’s easier to push hard.
Michaele F.
Even try and do some yoga or go for a walk around your block. Clock it in for 8 mins. Even walk and down your stairs for 8 mins and it'll count. Just move!
Lou Y.
I try to keep in mind the idea of hibernation. When I’m sick, I often need to rest so much because my body is working hard to combat the illness. My “exercise” goes on hiatus because my body needs to focus on a very fundamental and important task. The hibernation mindset serves as a “pause” instead of a “stop” in my workouts.
Mille C.
I give myself time to rest, and when I get better, I try to exercise more because I've been slacking off. I try to not force myself though and get too tired while I'm exercising.
Nelly X.
When you’re sick, everything you do to get better (medication, inhalation, taking baths, stretching) is your exercise. So just do those things as part of your routine.
Leonard G.
I work with kids so that’s a struggle for me as well. I usually try to take a couple days off and if necessary backtrack a day or two in my workout schedule. I’ve also heard the rule that if symptoms are above the shoulder exercise is good, but below the shoulders, take a day off. I’ve come to notice that workouts make me feel better during a bad head cold at least.
Mathilde O.
Same! I think a good idea would be to do at least one little thing that could count as excercise giving the sick condition… Right?
Andre J.
See first thing, when I get sick, I usually do low calorie burn exercises and for less time period. And other than that I take rest. If you can't wake up from ur bed then it's a different thing.
Detlef T.
When I get sick, I rest my body. I focused on hydration and sleep. Once I am better, I focus on getting back my flexibility through range of motion exercises, and I give myself a little slack. If I can feel up to it, I do try to keep up range of motion exercises while I am sick. Once I have recovered, I take a step back from where I was physically, so that I don’t overtrain. Then I get back into the routine and work hard to progress my fitness.
Guy S.
Yeah that’s kinda tough isn’t it? It’s two competing positive interests: on one hand, you need rest to recover, on the other hand, rest means breaking meaningful streaks and patterns that we feel strongly about preserving. I honestly evaluate how sick I really feel. If it’s the kind that is infectious or is sever enough for it to distract me and lead to injury while exercising, I usually opt for rest. But, if it’s a simple cold or other minor sickness I actually like to work through it. I sometimes feel my sinuses clear up and my headache subside after an intense workout while a little under the weather.

Hope you feel well!

Ute U.
Όταν είμαι άρρωστη, συνήθως προσπαθώ να μην κουράζω τον εαυτό μου με δύσκολες ασκήσεις. Τις πρώτες μέρες ισως να τις θέσω rest days και να τις καλύψω όταν ανακάμψω. Τις άλλες όμως που τα συμπτώματα και ο πυρετός αρχίζουν να υποχωρούν, αρχίζω με κάτι απλό και ξανά μπαίνω στους ρυθμούς μου
Megan E.
Take the same time to exercise, let’s just make it a very light recovery sort of activity. And then when you’re better, just take the same time and don’t be sad if you’re not quite as strong as you were before. That’s fine, just do what you can
M Ximo Q.
A simple walk or Yoga for 30 minutes is an easy way to give yourself a break from everything without straining yourself too much
Get Lio N.
Never push yourself beyond your healthy limits. Being sick often means you need more rest during that time. Slow yoga, stretching, and short walks when you are recovering can help you get back on track. After you are fully recovered start out slow with your routine one thing at a time.
Peyton Z.
I haven’t been sick in a long time. Hmm, if I’m really ill—temp above 101—I’ll take the day off. I’m never usually sick more than a day.
L Onard C.
Even when I’m sick I usually try to do at least a bit of exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything very taxing, you could even just do some stretches, but whatever it is just doing anything at all everyday really helps you maintain that habit, even when you can’t really be bothered to do it.
Lester Q.
I am exactly the same. I know that’s unhelpful. I suppose the way I manage it is to focus on rest and my healthy diet. Baby steps!