Is 5 minutes of exercise enough in the morning?

Lorenz H.
It's enough if you are getting started and building a routine. And also it's good for those days you dont feel like it or you are running late. But generally longer sessions are better. At least 20 min.
Roberto C.
it depends. how active you are, your age, etc. i'm 31 and 5 min is not even a warm-up. i don't know what would be appropriate for someone older.
Mathis F.
5 mins is better than nothing so good job. Look to increase to 7 then 10 then 15 etc. I think there is 7 min session available through Fabulous
Quentin O.
5 minutes is an okay amount of exercise. i would try to aim for 10-15 minutes of intense work. whatever you end up doing, work hard and you will improve
Tiago O.
No it isn’t. You need to have your heart rate up and maintained up for 20-30 minutes. That’ll make a difference. I find it hard to get up even earlier in the mornings just to fit in a 30-40 min exercise, but ever since I’ve been doing it and starting to feel the benefits, I feel it’s worth the effort. 🙂
Eva F.
Five minutes in the morning is the start is it enough I don’t know but if I can just start doing it and do it every day that would be 25 minutes a week or 35 minutes a week so I guess bottom line is yes it’s enough it will get me started and establish a pattern
Neide N.
I think it’s a good way to start the day, get your heart pumping, get you into a better mood but in the long run, you need more than that to stay your healthiest and happiest. I’d say 30 min of exercise is best. Walking, running, yoga, anything!
Kylian S.
It seems to be for me. The funny thing is, after five minutes I sort of want to keep going and I don’t judge myself if I do or don’t. I don’t try to follow a specific thing, I just make sure that I move around a little bit first thing in the morning whether it’s stretching or bending or walking or what. It works for me.
Caroline W.
Yes. I don't have a lot of time in the morning. It's enough to get me active and I don't have to think about fitting it in.
Tonya S.
I would say that depends on your fitness level. The sensible answer is need to increase heart rate fur duration of at least 15 minutes, with efficacy increasing over 20 minutes. Ideal amount fur an averag,healthy person is around 30 minutes. I exercise much more than this, with around 90 minutes 5 days a week!
Beth Y.
Enough for what exactly? To lose weight? To increase strength? To have great abs? Probably not enough. But it is enough to pump your blood and feel better which should make the habit stick. I find the solution brilliant: first make the habit stick and then modify it.
Tristan Z.
I think 5 minutes is better than none. Taking 5 minutes to care for yourself is important. If you want, you can always add increments of time until you are always doing for yourself (which can include caring for others).
Isabella B.
I believe it is. Every little bit you do counts and so because it feels good your 5 minutes will turn into 10 and on and on.
Tim Q.
If you’re just started out, yes. I like to push myself just a little past my comfort zone when I am starting something new.
Neila E.
Inti an stages it’s more than enough. Just try to accumulate habits on daily basis. After that you may increase timings as you prefer. Just the habit should not be left at any course of slow and study wins the race.
Rudolf Y.
I think no, I prefer to practice at least 20 min a day to burn more calories and at the same time feel and have energy for ex in the morning I practice 7 to 10 minutes of yoga and the evening 30 min of sport
Salviano Q.
5 minutes is absolutely better than 0 minutes. Start with 5 and gradually increase your exercise time until you reach 30
Josane O.
Personaly having a good daily exercise that makes me satisfied is at least 30 minutes in the morning less couldn't make moving that much. Because maybe I'm a teenager and started exercising from 2 years before it became a habit. Maybe when i first started it was like 15 minutes or maybe less but now I'm used to it.
Zachary P.
Yes! With just 5 minuts of exercises in the morning, I can feel my body waking up and my disposition growing up too! I’m feel better the rest of the day!
Andrea N.
Even 5 seconds of exercise is enough I feel. The purpose isn’t to get anywhere quickly. It’s to make the behavior automatic. And for me, if it’s a hard day, even an ounce of effort is an accomplishment. And then it keeps me going the next day. It doesn’t stay at 5 seconds or minutes either. Over time, it just naturally increases.
Ellen U.
I do the 7 minutes workout and for me it's the absolute minimum of a daily excersise. For some bigger progress at any health / fitness area you have to do more. But definitely it's better than nothing.
Daryl J.
Yes, I think so …. because it always motivates you a lot, to follow your routine and make you feel that you are doing something good for your health.
Lilou B.
I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♂️ I think for me it is great to get me moving or get me into a habit I can always do more but it’s a mindset that I can wrap my head around because it’s only 5 minutes
Sol Ne Z.
Personally, I don't think 5 minutes is enough todm rev up your body. To feel that 'freshness', you need to exercise for at least 10 minutes with low intensity in the morning. Consider choosing "dancing your way with your favourite music for 10 minutes" as an option. Music helps improve our moods.
Hugo T.
5 minutes is an appetizer. If you want more than that, you’ll get there, but I feel like your body will learn to appreciate the physical activity and to crave for more of it.
Ad Lio Q.
No,cause I have a playlist I feel like i need time to get into exercise mood like at least 3 -4 songs to start exercising for real
Emma N.
In my opinion, it’s not about how long you exercise. Move as long as you need to get your blood pumping and your mind completely aware. Remember you’re doing this for yourself. If 5 minutes feels like enough, then by all means, do that.
Valdemar C.
I guess it depends on what you need. 5 minutes will get your blood flowing and wake you up. But if you’re working towards a specific fitness goal, you might need to spend more time exercising. I spend 30 minutes walking or running every morning.
Misty J.
i think that at least 7-8 mins is more ideal for exercise, but if it comes down to not having more than 5 mins to work out, anything is enough, because you’re doing more than most. as long as the exercise gets your blood pumping strong, 5 mins is enough. just make sure you make the most of those minutes!
Celto Q.
Any amount of exercise in the morning is enough, as long as it happens. honestly i think 10-15 minutes would be more ideal. once i’m a pro at this habit, i want a 30 minute morning workout. but for now, 5 minutes is definitely enough.