How do you get yourself to stick to your routine when your schedule is altered?

Jamie Y.
Happiness comes first That's my iconic quote for life That's beautiful small things in my daily routine has change my life 100% I wasn't someone who stuck in a daily routine But since I've been lost myself and feeling low I decided to have a healthy routine That make me feel more optimistic to life And with this routine I’ve become more happy in myself and full of self-love
Lylou Z.
I make the habits apart of my schedule that can’t be altered and if I’m in a situation where I need to leave the house for an appointment and can’t workout I’ll just take my habits to go so I’ll take my water and breakfast to go and the workout I’ll place it in the afternoon or whenever I’m available as long as it’s before 8 pm for health purposes
Marius A.
I don't always stick. Sometimes you just got to adjust.
Do more the next day or squeeze in a 7 minute meditation in a "coffeebreak".
The most important thing is to try to do your best and if things don't work out as you wished: don't let it get to you. Tomorrow is another day.
Cigdem X.
I thought it'd be hard but thanks to fabulous it became step by step. No big changes in a day as I've tried to experience before…
Mieke S.
I just do shorter versions of the steps in my routine. Instead of a full workout I just run up and down the stairs, for example