How can I stay on track despite inevitable interruptions in my daily routine? For instance, I want to exercise every day at a certain time, but sometimes I have another obligation and it simply isn’t possible to keep my “rhythm.” How do I prevent myself from losing momentum?

Jasmina J.
There are several things you could try, you could one go to bed early so you could wake up and work out first thing, or you could set specific times for your workout depending on your day.

El A E.
This is something I struggle with as I’m not Goid with change. When other things get in the way of my exercise time I vow to make sure I do something at some point that day. It may not be 40 minutes in the gym, instead. Dancing to my favorite song or Boeing to run up the stairs that day rather than walk. Just remember to give yourself grace

Zlata B.
Well.. first stuff, it’s good that you try to exercise at the same day every day. But! When you have these obligations, then you just do it after your done. Just like a mini goal! And give yourself a reward after!!

Nimo O.
It can be easy to fall out of routine, especially when your life isn't on a consistent schedule or is too hectic to find balance. When you encounter an obstacle, don't give in to the feeling of "Oh I failed now, so I'll wait till tomorrow" then wait until tomorrow and say "Ah I'll just start again next week" and then you fall off. When you run into these obstacles, try to have a growth mindset about it. "Okay, I wasn't able to stay on track here. How can I get back on track later today?" Or "How can I get back on track tomorrow?"