How do you make it work when life is unmanageable? Chaotic work schedules, unexpected changes from really cold weather, or the death of your exercise buddy?

Elmides F.
You really need to get Your priorities right. You can change work habits or work itself if it interferes with your life balance. Or maybe You search for balance at work -for example to get things done – than again check Your priorities. Maybe this next meeting is not that much important? Maybe You don’t have to be there?
Same goes with other obstacles. Cold outside? What do You want most? What can You lose? Decide what is more important right now for You 😉
Nicky U.
I still missed fabulous day/s when schedule is really chaotic. Getting back to the habit and forgetting the days missed gets my groove back. Love the app. So forgiving
Lauren A.
For first situation, plan it into your schedule, and set early expectations from your peers at work. Second, do it at home. Third, your exercize buddy would probably be proud you kept going!
William G.
I had to lower expectations and give myself permission to deal with the chaos. I did what I could when I could do it. I am now working my way back.
Juanita P.
When life is unmanageable, start by stopping and thinking, “is this where I want to be right now?” If the answer is no, then do something about it. First, breathe. Take some time for yourself to unwind and relax. Work can be stressful, so take some time each day to destress. Meditate, do some yoga, or take a walk in nature. Take control of your life and make the conscious decision that my better life starts today. If you ever start to feel down, remember why you started. Best of luck😄
Mae Z.
To begin, I am really sorry for your loss. Life is alwayss unmanageable, it's just that we, humans, manage to fight, to get better, to overcome any obstacle big or small that comes into our paths. It's not that we are invincible, just stubborn enough to always find a way. My personal advice, try to find your own way to deal with this, stabilize your lifestyle or learn to adapt to a chaotic one, don't clutter yourself, add small bits of healthy habits to yourself, be stubborn and unbeatable! You can do it, I know you can.
Mathieu U.
#1, pray! Ask the Lord to open up time for you to do your goals each day, then watch and listen for the opportunities He provides. It’s astonishing how well that works. #2, if there is just no time, refrain from beating yourself up about it. Try again tomorrow. #3, don’t give up!
Cory T.
Make a mantra :- remind yourself life is always changing and you have this moment.
Stay focused on your values.
Do deep breathing exercises to calm your mind/ body.
Curtis O.
Just do what you can. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. If you can only manage to do five press ups, that’s more than doing none. Life gets in the way sometimes and we can only do our best
Roy O.
Sometimes the only answer is to be kind and compassionate to yourself. Listen closely to what your body and soul need and honour that. Sometimes it’s a long sleep, a coffee with a friend or a solitary walk in the woods rather than getting up early for a run or class. If you’ve established those simple routines, it won’t be long until you can fall back on them to get started again. Routines, routines, routines – simple and easy ones that you can adapt to shifting schedules, priorities or ability.
Marcus B.
I’m sorry for your loss. I personally don’t have someone to work out with. So I’m always doing exercise by myself currently. One thing I would say is to do the best you can. If you can’t do it all , do what you can. It’s better than doing nothing.
Baqui Z.
Life is uncertain n chaos follows us every where. Some days life gets really hard n it seems like it’s the end of it but at moments like these I like to go through self help books n videos. And what I’ve learned is that life goes on matter what and we should always accept this negativity n make it positive by thinking that these hard situations are what makes us stronger to overcome similar situations later on in the future
Joel J.
To be completely honest with you I don't. And I couldn't really tell you either because I'm still getting back up on my feet. But what I could imagine could somehow work, judging by the constant situations I'm out in, is that you gotta finish all the tasks you have for yourself as soon as you specify what they are, in other words don't procrastinate, because by giving yourself free time now, you might not be able to give yourself free time later on, and will probably end up in shackles over the amount of things that have to be done. Usually when life gets chaotic one has to improvise, but in order to do that you have to be ready.
Paul X.
I'm sorry you experienced this all at once. I can relate a bit, I'm working crazy hours, have 5 kids and am currently moving. The only way I keep it all going is by continuing to go to bed earlier and get up earlier before anything is asked of me. I complete my routine before the world knows I'm awake. Takes discipline but everything is easier when I do this.
Rachel J.
Step back. Breathe. Remember why you started this. Build again from the beginning, doing what you are able, when you are able. It's ok to scale back a bit, but maintain the same habits. If you miss a day, keep moving forward. Be kind to yourself. Find an audio book or podcast that inspires you to listen to when you are driving or doing mundane tasks.
Breathe. Be grateful just to be alive and breathing, able to enjoy this journey called life. Your will shaped reality. Embrace the change. Embrace chaos. You have nothing to fear.
Walk in power and joy to your destination.
Lloyd C.
Think of your health as a priority – YOU are a priority. Instead of thinking fitness is an ‘extra’; think of it as a requirement basic like brushing your teeth. If something comes up doesn’t impact your ability to brush your teeth then don’t let it impact your ability to exercise. Think of those two things as having the same priority level in your day to day.
Rosa P.
It is difficult not become anxious or frustrated. I try very hard to keep expectations reasonable under difficult, if not sometimes impossible circumstances. Maintaining priorities is also important – values and goals.