How can you be motivated to exercise more often?

Cristiana P.
By doing exercises that are doable at my fitness level, don’t take too much time, and in an environment that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable,
Bharat P.
Good Habits can help in creating more similar ones.
I am using this theory to keep me motivated for exercise everyday :
1. Habit watching my body in mirror daily after shower is my visual indication of progress
2. Keeping a whatsapp group of fitness freaks is continuously giving positive thoughts
3. Keeping running shoes and gym clothing near bed at night gives a first trigger in the morning
Mikaela N.
Find things you really enjoy doing. I love playing sport so I do that the most. Also having friends to exercise with. I’m always more likely to go and do something if a friend has asked me to go with them or I know they’ll be expecting me there. Also it may sound crazy but the more you do, the more energy you have, the fitter you are and the more motivated you are, the easier it gets and the more you want to do it.
Rayane O.
Think about the feeling of being healthy. Think about the feeling after exercising, the way you're proud of yourself. Begin by doing small exercice everyday, 2-3 min after waking up to wake up properly, and then you will add more exercice, and more time for it.
Manelka C.
I always thought exercise was a difficult chore back in the day and totally gave up for three years. Lost 10 kg back then but gained 20 more in the last three years. This year I wanted to make a change and I started again. My cousin guided me as she has also gone through a successful transformation. She sent me links that show the correct way to do the work outs and I realized what I had been doing back at gym were half wrong and now I feel good after workouts. Music definitely helps and if you've got something in your mind it's a good time to think things over while you focus on yourself. What really motivates me is having and seeing results of my labor. Overall in the past month I've become a happier person starting a new life with a new routine that has time for me.
Joshua W.
Look at yourself in the morning and say I got to be more motivated or listen to music or a old photo off your self it’s time for a change
Stanley U.
You should understand it's one of the rare moments when you can really take care of yourself without worries. It's a bit of time you save for someone really special: you!
Potato Y.
Start small, don't push your limits from the very beginning. Try the app's short exercise guides or get yourself an exercise buddy who you can share your progress with and motivate early other.
Rea Y.
by changing your perspective about exercise and exercising… if you think of it as something that makes you feel good and better, that helps your mental and physical health, etc. it'll help. that is, rather than seeing it as a difficult boring exhausted chore. eventually, exercising feels rewarding and motivating, and you end up wanting to participate in it. just have to do it when you don't want to to eventually get to that point