What kind of low-intensity workouts do you enjoy?

Jan J.
Stretching, stretching wakes me up and enables me to keep more in touch with myself, when I'm quiet and alone in the morning. Gardening, pruning, enables new growth and keeps plants healthy.

Sherida I.
It depends on the day, and the weather. If the weather is nice, I will go for either a nice refreshing walk, or a slow jog, or bikeride in the neighborhood. If the weather is not so nice, or if I feel like I need more headspace that day, I do some indoor yoga (down dog is a great free app to start your practice).

Mitchell S.
I like following Tom Merrick’s Bodyweight warrior videos. The 5 min morning mobility routine is a great way to warm up in the mornings!

Tara P.
Ones focused on stretching where the core muscles are engaged.

I also enjoy recumbent cycling because I used to bike before my ehlers danlos got worse.

I also enjoy rowing. It’s super hard for me and I can only do it for like 30 seconds, but it is a full body workout that doesn’t take much time or preparation.