Can I exercise while watching the TV?

Anh A.
Yup, it’s not a big deal while doing both. Actually I’m not very into watching tv much, I prefer to enjoy youtube or Instagram because I can choose which content to watch
Carrie C.
You CAN but you will have bigger results with more presence to your exercise. When we pay attention to the exercise we are doing, it literally had greater effects. So I recommend music instead or a more focused intense training work out along with a walk outside where you pay attention to the world around you and how your body feels while doing it.
Sonia Q.
Of course! That is a great way to make yourself execersize. I know some people who make sure they exercise by putting their stationary bike or treadmill in front of the TV. They only allow themselves to watch TV if they are exercising
Juan Y.
Definitely! In fact, it’s a great way to entertain yourself and stay healthy! Sitting around and watching TV is addicting, lazy, and unhealthy, even though many people do it.
Kylie N.
Yes, you can. If that is the only way for you to get started. A better way would be to go outside and exercise even for 10 mins and use your TV time as a reward instead.
Mads G.
Yes, as long as your primary attention is on exercising. And the tv is on the back burner. Its ok to take a glance when you're resting between breaks and listening to it while actively working out.
Selena L.
Yes, but be aware of if you are focused on working out. If you are, then it’s completely fine. Plus, it can be a reward if you want.
Jessica O.
A big thing in exercising is staying focused on the task at hand. Exercising and watching tv is a big multitask. Yes you can say most people listen to music, podcasts, etc. while exercising. If tv keeps you entertained try just listening to the tv while exercising and work your way up to watching while you exercise.
Justine G.
I don’t know about other people, but I’m not able to multitask enough. As an athlete I zone deeply into my body during workouts, so if I’m not following along with a workout video, TV is just a distraction.
Dianne N.
Yes of course. If watching TV makes it easier for you to excercise, just go for it. If you later on want to cut out the TV, you can do that in a future time. Try to change one habit at a time, and take small steps. Also congratulations on your excercise-habit!! Keep up the good work. You can do it.
Meliha N.
Yes but ideally no. It’s more beneficial to keep the awareness in the body so you can assess what has changed for you after the exercise compared to before. If you see the type of exercise is too much you can tune it down that way to build your own sustainable routine without anyone else telling you about ‘should’s. That way you keep full control of your routine!
Nicolas J.
Yes, you can! You can do a certain exercise when a character does something they commonly do, or while the theme song plays, or during commercials.
Valentina Q.
No, because when i watch tv which i do not usually do, i usually need to relax and donnot think about anithing, also following the film i like to be the only matter
Cecilie Z.
Of course you can. Watching TV while exercising can be a great way to stay entertained while completing your exercise routine. Though, do make sure that you do not get distracted or lose your focus while you exercise.
Mah O.
Sure you can! Pilates especially is a very TV friendly workout. You can just work on your abs while watching Netflix. I recommend Blogilates