How do you stay motivated to work out when you feel obligated to other commitments such as your family, work, and household?

Marie U.
Squeeze out the time even if it’s out of the timeframe you gave your self, and push to do it everyday.

Wake up earlier go to sleep after everyone or simply become more efficient and you’ll free up time for your self

Charlie Y.
You’re ultimately facing an economic problem: you don’t have enough energy to supply the demand of your goals. Thus, more energy must be created. That may be a defeating sentiment at the moment. Take a few breaths, and ponder “why” it’s defeating. It doesn’t have to be, it’s a choice, perhaps a knee jerk reaction for it to be defeating. Don’t trust in negative automatic responses. Think about the ways in which you can create energy for your life. What are the things that re-energize you? Can you find energy and motivation I’m considering the things that bring you energy?
Clara Z.
Making my health and myself is a priority. If I don't show up for my held or myself I will not show up well for all those other areas of life that need me.
Mat O Q.
I personally probably don't get enough sleep, so I have more hours in the day. But also, I continually tell myself that I'm going to regret it more if I skip a workout than if I get more sleep. So, basically, instead of moving around items on my schedule, I make more room by not sleeping as much. Not the healthiest option, but it works for me.
Floriano Q.
I tell myself that I'll be able to keep up with all the demands of life if I take good care of myself. Being and staying fit is part of taking good care of myself.
Alessio I.
I really struggle with this but I have tried to multitask as much as I can. Instead of cooking something that takes constant attention I will roast veggies and do at home workouts while they’re in the oven. Or if a friend wants to grab a coffee I’ll bike to meet them.
Alessio E.
I am not sure of your gender but it’s often women who need permission to write the own script of your life. Write your own script. You do not need permission to take care of yourself. And allow others to take care of themselves. You are your motivation!
Cherly F.
Working out does not not only help for your fitness but it gives you a better mindset. I exercise 10 times a week or atleast I get in 10 sessions a week and that was before I started using FABULOUS. We only have one body and we should protect it and keep it in its best condition as possible, if we had a sports car for example , only one car. we’re going to wash it every week and there’s going to be no eating allowed in it and there’s going to be rules because we are going to take care of it and keep it in it’s best condition as possible and that is the same with our bodies . We need to love ourselves and reach all limits while we are still able to because if we have all our limbs and our body functions perfectly. There is a disabled person out there dreaming to exercise just once more, but they can’t. We need to grab every opportunity and kill every opportunity with positiveness and become the best selves we could possibly be and it won’t only help us. It will help the people around us and once we’ve reached the best we can be we can encourage the people we love to become a better person aswell because nobody is perfect and everyone and everything will always have room for improvement. We are never too old to learn!!
Ernest U.
Being at your best physically will further aid you in all those areas. Looking at it any other will only slow down your progression and zap your motivation. Your family, home and job deserve the best you, working out will help you get there.
Albertine Z.
You Will feel so verter than you Will provide better quality time with your family and you Will bem more focus also in work
Elvira U.
Great question! For me I started my “working out” habit with small steps…for example I do 15 minutes of a few small exercises like some pushups, planking, and squats maybe 2-3 times a week. Then after I have completed this goal on a consistent basis (meaning at least 2 weeks) I start expanding this work out. And one important thing that I did when I was younger without realizing it was I celebrated my success of working out. For example, after working out consistently that week I noticed the change in my arms from the push-ups and how that cut my muscle some. It looks good and I liked that look! Internally I celebrated this because of my noticing the fact that I looked good! 😂 not to sound vain but it is good to notice progress and associate that progress with a positive emotion.
Glenda U.
I'm still working on this! It's very difficult. One thing that works is to block out a chunk of time, even 30 minutes, and put it in our family calendar. It makes it an expectation for everyone and harder for me to back out.
Vicky T.
Motivation to build muscles and live a healthy lifestyle.
And it releases serotonin which motivates you for more things in your life
Louisa P.
Have your family join in on the fun! Do some workouts together. Also, remember that you can’t give other areas in your life as much attention or energy if you’re not taking care of yourself. Yes, exercise is self care!
Astrid Z.
I try to reduce the time I exercise but keep it intense. I mean, instead of doing a 40 min work out I will do 15 min of intense exercise. It works for me.
Alice E.
I cannot effectively give from an empty tank! So I am number one then everyone else! Like on the airplane secure your own mask first! It took me a long time to get this one ingrained! 2 husbands later and happily looking for number 3 I get it!
Nanci F.
I know I have to exercise or nothing else works so I schedule it in and just do it. That works for my main exercise which at the moment is the gym. I’ll get up at 4 a.m. if I have to for that but I’m not as disciplined about running and worse still about stretching. It’s a work in progress. 😊
Jessie U.
I feel it is very important to have a little me time so I make sure I squeeze at least a 10 minute window to stretch, meditate or just relax. I feel it is necessary for ones health and sanity.
Amanda O.
It's all about Balance and Personal Priorities
I completed 'Declutter' and have integrated these steps into everday
My monthly pay has sort cupboards, fridge and freezer as tasks leading up to it. This way when it comes to the big shop, I don't waste time checking dates
Motivation comes from routine, the more organised you are the better equipped you'll be to complete your chores
Dustin C.
I have a really hard time motivating myself to workout. The only way that I’ve found to get myself off of the couch is to just go small and throw them in whenever I can. Just get up, do 30 sit ups, 30 pushups, and 30 squats. Get in the habit of starting small and when that seems easy then add to it
Valgi E.
By thinking to what my future may be if I don’t work out i stay motivated and by thinking that this is the real life and if i really want to live my life or live a life i will remember I have to do my best
Bernard O.
I started with 5 minute workout which is reasonably short even on busy days.. Over time I intend to increase to 15 minutes. I feel it’s enough to make a difference to your body and set as healthy routine.
Marion W.
The simple understanding that if your body is not performing at the level it should, you are not performing at the level you should for your various responsibilities. Exercise can be simple and doesn’t have to be a burden so long as you plan and are open to doing different things in your routine to keep things interesting. Like most things, consistency is key. Simply moving your body is the goal. Integrate some strategy into that goal, and you’ll get moving in no time.
Mathew U.
Find a time in the day where no requirements or obligations could take place (waking up early helps with this) and also a second time period in the day at a time when you feel comfortable working out, even though there could be interruptions. If you miss one session, you have the other one and if you find yourself free, you can work out again or just use the time for something else, like a hobby. This way your schedule is more flexible and maybe even less repetitive if you’d like it to be.
Janice P.
I try to fit in at least something small in or do more activities that are work outs. Try to remember how i feel when i live an active healthy lifestyle and how i feel when i look good too.
Volkmar C.
My current habit is that I will try to get those work or household done first, because it irrates me when I see things unorganized right in front of me, but normally when I finish those work I feel too tired or have no time for work-out. I feel I should set up a routine for workout, so that when the time comes, nothing should stop me from exercising.
Bruce T.
It’s honestly hard sometimes, but I try to take a little time out of the day for myself & fit a work out in even if it’s a walk outside or a walk inside the house or jogging in place
Jay F.
I don't and that is where the inconsistency comes from. Due to my family dynamic of being a single mother raising two kids, working two Jobs, going to school, trying to date and have a social life, I find that reprioritizing happens sometimes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I really like this app because when I get lost in the chaos of it all it reminds me to slow down and be more intentional about taking care of myself too.
Camille Z.
Just do the least amount of exercise that you'd say is worth doing (could be 3 push-ups) and gradually work your way up from there. Good luck!
Folkert O.
It works best for me to wake up a little earlier than my family to exercise, so that when they’re waking up, I’m done with my exercise. It gives me motivation to exercise in that time frame. This same strategy can be used before work.
Ivanoel Y.
Personally, it really helps me to have a body goal, especially when it's similar to an actual person's body type. For example, if there's a celebrity whose physique you admire and wish you had, you could try to find information on how they stay fit to inspire yourself so that you get excited to work towards your goal. Plus, working out is great for stress relief, it can calm you down if you're upset or angry, and it helps you sleep better.
Eloida P.
You can make workouts out of those activities! Staying on your feet while doing housework, standing at your desk while at work or getting up to walk around every hour, and making family time more active by going on walks, etc.!
Halina E.
It has been very difficult to stay motivated to work out but I know I have to. I have been writing it down in my todo list for the day
Sara E.
I just have to make it a priority, but scheduling either early in the morning or do an activity where i’m Obligated to someone else always helps.
Katrine A.
What is your exercise regiment like? I've been using an app called Abs in 30 days. I completed the lose belly fat month yesterday and I feel amazing! My core is stronger, I have better posture and my back pain is almost gone 😃
Rose J.
I personally have time in my morning where I can spend making breakfast and getting in a light short workout. I also don't particularly like working out, but I am committed to improving myself. You are the most important part of your family amd household. If you don't take the time to do small, good things for yourself, who is to say you'll be there, or at your best, for your other commitments? You have to take the time for yourself
Marius C.
It’s just 8 minutes of doing something which everyone can find to do. I love stretching in the morning or lifting weights it just feels like a jump start for my muscles.
Emilie Y.
It's beneficial to sign up to group workout sessions and go regularly. Eventually you'll get to know the people, and it'll be easier to develop it into a habit.
Arthur Y.
I remind myself that if I want to feel good and look good, i have to take the same actions of someone who feels and looks good. I also recognize that my thoughts make it harder than the action really is. quieting my mind helps me to just get it over with and feel great after.
Catherine E.
By doing work out, you fill and look better, and you are getting healthier. Just think about it. Once you manage to make it habit it will have a positive impact on everything you do.