What do you do if you can’t do it? Sometimes due to work I can’t exercise in the morning and I hate to break my streak so I normally recover it asap and check anyway? Am I cheating too much? Any advice?

Pascale F.
You can always do it. You just need to set your priorities straight. You’re definitely cheating. It’s better to break your streak and try again than lie .
Death Candyz N.
Any advice on waking up early ? I feel really tired even if I go to bed early. I just hit the snooze and when I woke up is already 11am 🙁
Suraj E.
No! You have an excuse to not do it and that's work! Its important so don't go too hard on yourself. I do check it anyway but I tend to recover it in the evening. If youre like me the streak is what's keeping you going. Once it break I'd need some more time to follow the routine again and the goal is to develop a habit of your routine until you start doing it automatically. So chill, and keep at it. Good luck! SR
Gertrude C.
You're only cheating yourself. There's always time you can make to set aside to do even just a couple of minutes dance with headphones. Wake up early. You can do it. I believe in you
Anatole E.
I don't know the timings of your work , but in fabulous there is a 7 minute exercise , start with that . See how long you can keep going and see if you can add more with time . Evening is also.good for exercise if you have the will and time
Megan X.
I don't think that you are cheating. I have difficulties waking up so it's an exercise even to get out of bed. If you work sitting down you can do some arm movements or look up exercises sitting down. If you don't then it already counts because you are in action all day. You could try to walk to work or use a bike, skateboard or anything you have. I feel like the whole point of exercising is to be active and don't lay in bad or sit in a chair. I hope I helped. Sending you love and motivation.