What type of workout do you do in the morning? Why?

Dabwiso N.
I do 150 push ups (5 sets, 30 reps, I started at 5 sets 10 reps), they get me ready for my cold bath at the same time giving me the pump that adds a lil of confidence in my swagger, while building my chest that complements my overall physique
Rachel Y.
I like to do a pilates type workout or depending on how my body feels a HIIT workout. Starting with pilates helps me stretch my body while helping tone my muscles. HIIT helps me wake up and get my heart rate up before the day begins.
Lauren Y.
I do HIIT. This is because it is said to improve you heart rate, give a kickstart to you day and helps to loose weight and tone your cardiac and other muscles.
Joshua W.
First I wake up brush my teeth and wash my face and hair and take a shower. Second I eat something that’s light nothing too heavy .I then I just started too workout
Mary P.
I do a Traditional tabata workout on my Exercise bike, for four reasons:
1) Studies show that it is as effective as a 2 hour workout for fat loss and muscle building, with potentially less chance of developing over use injuries.
2) Most recently, a research study has come out indicating that athletes it is more beneficial for well trained athletes to follow a Polarized training model (80% under VT1 and 20% over VT2).
3) It's extremely time efficient, under 15mins (including the warm up and cool down). As a student this is the only way I'll be able to fit in a workout.
4) I have such a passion for cycling that I am a certified cycle instructor. You can get exercise results (e.g. lose weight, build muscle, improve VO2max, etc) with ANY exercise program. Studies have already shown that the exercise mode doesn't matter, it's the consistency and form developing that matters. So choose something that you love and excites you, that's what you'll be consistent with.
Lissy C.
I prefer walking in the morning in a fast pace. Though it is a slow pace activity it is rewarding especially if you can walk close to the nature.
Lauren Y.
I do HIIT. This is because it is the best option for weight loss, and it improves your heart rate and tones muscles around your body. It is also said that it helps to strengthen your cardiac muscles.
Volkmar O.
Take a walk around the neighbourhood in speedy pace with good music. It takes 30-40 minutes to finish. I do that everyday, 1-3 times a day, because the music and fast pace helps my brains to move and boosts my creativity for writing. Also, I hate heavy workout so it's a great alternative.
Martiina G.
I do different workouts, i do yoga, chakra opening exercises, and exercises for six pack.
I do different exercises because then it feels more fun.