What’s the best time for you to exercise? In the morning, the afternoon or at night?

Manon N.
I think the best time for me to excercise is in the afternoon as I feel more motivated usually by then so it helps me to excercise x
Otmar F.
I like morning exercise, but as I struggle to get up regularly in the morning, I forcefully have to do exercises in the evening. But, genuinely, I love morning exercises. The mind is fresh, and the mood of the mother nature smoothens the activity.
Joelma N.
The afternoon is best for me, I like to walk my dog after my husband gets home so he can watch our son. Mornings and evening are too hectic with our schedules and I can’t leave the house at those times. I’m trying to fit in a small yoga practice from my living room each morning before my son wakes up though to get myself moving in the mornings!!
Timothe P.
Mornings are the ideal times for exercise. Waiting until later in the day only gives you more time to create excuses not to. Even a short 7 minute workout is better than anything. Make the time to reach a better you.
Felix B.
I exercise in the morning because there are too many excuses and other things that crop up during the day and after work. I can make tons of excuses after work as to why today isn’t the best day for me to go exercise. If it’s the very first thing I do then it’s over before I even know it.
Justine F.
Hi there! Tbh I prefer the morning time as I find it gives me the most energy for the rest of the day! Afternoon and evening ur way more tired so morning time is what I've always found the most beneficial for my day ahead! Hope that helps👍🙂
Patrizia E.
I’m more likely to work out in the morning! If I put it after everything in my day, I’ll tell myself I’m too tired to do it at all.
Lena E.
The morning would be a good time on certain days but given current schedule, right after work or at night are most likely. If I bring my gym clothes to work I could work out after work or on occasion, during.
Enrique P.
After work in the evening, I like separating work from home life, plus it helps to release any tension or stress for the day, and sets me up for healthier choices and better sleep 😊😴
Bella O.
The best time for me to exercise is in the morning after my daughter leaves. Once my day starts I have a hard time stopping to exercise.
Willie S.
For years I worked out early in the morning- around 4:30- but when my husband retired he stopped working out with me, which made it hard for me to get up and go. I’m exhausted when I get home from work so evenings are difficult too. I’ve pushed through it recently and made evenings my new workout time. I’m not sure I prefer it but it’s working for me right now.
Villads F.
I’m really good at maintaining my routines and habits during the week but struggle on the weekends or on vacation, when my time is much less structured. Any tips on staying on track?
Joel E.
Depends on when it feels best for you. Some people like to work out in the evenings after work to assist in alleviating stress, but I like to exercise in the mornings, as it gives me a quick win, and leaves me feeling more motivated for the day ahead. Happy exercising!!!
Victoire E.
For me it’s better to excercise in the morning. I drink water and eat light (a banana or so) before working out and then eat a proper breakfast after my workout and shower to start my day. It’s a lot to implement but my days are noticeably MUCH better especially on my workout days.
Linda Y.
Typically I find I have the most motivation in the mornings so I try to exercise outdoors in the sunshine as much as possible. However, it really depends on my work schedule. I do shiftwork so sometimes it’s impractical to wake up super early to workout. During those times, I will save my workout for the evenings
Mads B.
Early in the morning. I wake up, drink water, have a light breakfast and go to run or to a training session in the gym. After that, a good breakfast and I am full of energy all the day.
Nicky T.
Right now is afternoon bc I work all mornings, but it depends on my schedule. Definitely not at night, I like to be in bed for a while before I actually go to sleep so exercising at night messes with that!
Louison Y.
Afternoon and before I take a shower. If I do it after I shower I will sweat and I don’t think you would want to sweat after you took a nice shower.
Veronica U.
The best time for me to exercise is the morning. I am a writer so that is the first thing I do after I get up. But right after that is exercise. I exercise when it is still dark (I run) because it is very peaceful and there are almost no distractions.
Diana S.
I’m not really sure? Sometimes I lived to get up and go for a run in morning because it helps me to feel motivated but sometimes I feel the urge to work out when it’s late to leave my day on a high.
Ma Lia I.
The best time to exercise is when your mind and body both feel up for it. There’s not right or wrong time to workout. I wake up and listen to my body and then decide when is best. Being open allows for you to easily fit it in your schedule too.
Cireneu Q.
The best time for me to exercise is in the morning BEFORE I start doing any work for the day. I leave my room once to get my vitamins and a healthy breakfast. I then return to my room to rest a minute and let my medicine and vitamins and healthy breakfast kick in and make me strong enough to start the day. Then I start exercising before I allow myself to leave the room again. My morning exercises start slow and easy and build from there. It is a nice way to start the day. I am able to build my energy gradually and start the day proud of myself. I find if I allow myself to start working, even just reading emails in bed, before exercise often the exercise doesn’t get done. This leaves me feeling run down and stressed out. My morning exercise routine is my me time. It makes the day feel balanced. It makes my body and mind feel internally balanced.
D Rcio P.
Morning. Morning walks make my mind sharp the whole day. Morning exercise at home, some stretching e.g. is easiest to includevon the morning.
Verena P.
Let’s be serious , it never appears to be the right time to exercise. So the question turns into what is the best time for me, considering my schedule is the best time to work out. I have a busy workday so for me it’s better to get a workout before or after work. I am not a morning person and I am tired after a full days work, so each time slop comes with complications. But lately I have been wanting to develop a morning routine where I get my exercise out of the way first thing in the morning.
Tobias C.
Because I teach exercise classes at night, depending on what I teach I should stay at the gym later and get my own workout in afterwards. If I am not able to workout st night, then I should come to the gym in the morning during the week and on the weekends.
Maximilian E.
I exercise before lunch. It makes for a good break / mental activity change after I’ve been sitting at a computer working for at least 4 hours. It does make the lunch break a bit longer and you might need some rest after eating, but after that I can usually work for at least 3 more hours.
Johann C.
Mornings are best for me. It means getting up early but the benefit is that it sets you up for the day.
I always feel better afterwards and going to work I feel charged up and ready to go.
Noham Y.
I find first thing in the morning easiest. If I leave it until after work or later in the day I often can't be bothered unless it's a sport I'm doing with friends. If I go just after I get up, I haven't done anything to tire me out in the day
Sofia F.
At night in winter and in the morning in summer, for purely practical reasons. E.g., in winter, since I train at home, the only time that there is peace and quiet to workout is after my child is asleep. Can’t do it in the morning because there is always someone up from 5am in my house. It is not ideal (morning is supposedly the best) but as this is what works for me, then it’s ideal for me. In summer, I train outside so I can do morning.
Pirmin F.
I find night the best time or late afternoon. I find if I exercise in the morning I am exhausted for the rest of the day. I also have friends to go with so it becomes an evening social event. I usually don’t feel great in the mornings so exercise becomes a chore whereas in the evening it’s fun.
Alma P.
actually for me is at night..
because i have a lot of time..
don't need to rush of preparation for going to work..
but i think the best benefit is in the morning..
it give the stimulation to get energized in the morning,,although we have to manage the timing so won't be late for work..
Davina C.
It’s easier for me to exercise in the morning. I wake up at 5 am on weekdays so I can get to the gym and get in a good sweat session before work. Although it means waking up early, I feel energized and refreshed when I’m done with my workout. I also find that I make better food choices during the day because I already exercised, as opposed to eating poorly and saying, “That’s okay because I’m going to workout and burn it off anyway.”
Alexis Y.
I like to go running. And going running in the morning will help you stay super cool (read endorphins) all day long as well as sleep better.
Antonio S.
For the time available, the night. For the benefits for my body, the morning. It is true what they say about the body feeling more relaxed, the mind more focused and the mood generally better. For all that, it is definitely better to exercise in the morning. But the daily obligations often make it difficult to devote enough time in the morning to a proper exercise
Luca C.
I like to except use at lease a little in the morning as part of my routine. I find I actually end up exercising my 30 min goal without trying much as long as I get that early morning movement in.
Maurit Nia Z.
I am finding it beneficial to exercise in the morning but it has taken me a long time to get to this place because of my struggles with motivation. But I think it's less about the right time and what feels and is right for you. If you aren't a morning person waking up early for exercise is going to be miserable if you find it a challenge already or like me it might be what motivated you to wake up and get moving. Health is a journey. Be mindful of your body. It's your health. So do what feels right for you and stay Fabulous 😊
Jas O N.
I walk my dog in the morning, about 7am. It’s a great time of day and a good way to get motivated for the day ahead. I do yoga and 20 minutes meditation mid afternoon, I find it helps recharge my batteries and I avoid the after slump.
Ma L Z.
Defenietly the evening, in between studying during my evening study session when I’m already tired and when exercising gives me energy to pursue studying
Thomas E.
I have found more success in the morning. Working out in the evening makes it harder to sleep sometimes. I also love having time to myself before work
Tracy G.
Personally, I believe morning is best, because it powers your entire day; and you get to take it off your to-do-list no matter how hectic your schedule gets.
Candice E.
I have 4 children, one of whom is a baby. So the afternoon, during nap time, is really the only time I have time for me.
Lydia T.
Morning! It energizes me for the day, and stretches out all the kinks from a long night of sleep. Plus, I have found that if you wait until evening, often other tasks come up, and make focusing on and completing a workout much more challenging. In the morning, your time is truly your own.
Nelson T.
I most prefer to exercise in the morning before I have a chance to talk myself out of it, otherwise I like to exercise directly after work or class. I have to drive across town to go to the gym and school is halfway to the gym, so it is key to go before I go home.
Maria Theresia S.
I used to train in the morning but I've switched to the evening because I have a more time to warm up and complete my routine. If I train in the evening it means I can focus fully on the routine and each exercise.
Tom P.
For me, it's the morning. If I leave the house to get errands done or go to work first then the likelihood of me working out drops significantly.
Kassiane Z.
I wake up everyday at 5am and try to get in a 1-2 mile jog in before breakfast and work. After work (around 330p), I either lift weights or go 4-8 rounds of boxing. My kids are all grown and out of the house, so I have a lot of free time nowadays. I decided to workout instead of watching tv or being non productive in the free time I have.
Joshua Q.
In the afternoon. I need my mornings to be slow to set me up right for the day, and I like to hang out with friends or relax in the evening. Right after work is ideal because I get off early.
Johann U.
I personally feel that exercising in the morning before work has so many benefits. On the days I manage to go to the gym first thing in the morning, I feel happier, my mind is clearer and I am a lot more productive and proactive throughout the rest of my day. It really has so many physical, emotional and mental benefits. I feel less motivated to exercise in the evenings because I really just want to relax and enjoy time with my family then.
Omer F.
For me it's best to work in the morning. You feel energized from the beginning and you can destress any random bad thoughts you have in that moment.
Gunar S.
The best time for me seems to be in the evening, but I am trying to do something in the morning because this app is suggesting it. So far, it hasn't been super successful. Hope you are!
Georg O.
The best time for me is in the morning before I go to work, in the afternoon when I arrive at home and at night before I go to sleep. And I want to keep this as much as I can because I like to excercise.
Dean G.
Morning is by far the best time for me. I can’t exercise with a full stomach, so if I do a workout right before breakfast it works the best. I set my alarm and get up before the rest of my family. I also find motivation is much stronger in the morning before I get in to all the other demands of the day. Some nights I even sleep in my workout clothes so I can just jump right in to my workout after waking and drinking a glass of water.
Jacinto S.
For me the best was during the day, just before lunch with a colleague at the gym right next to work. Otherwise Just after work, but making sure I snacked a sandwich 2 h before.
Daisy J.
In the morning it’s really hard for me to wake up. In the evening I’m more prone to actually working out but it’s hard to get there after work because of my girlfriends bed time. I think I shuld just suck it up and work out in the mornings? I feel like it’s going to make me think it’s a drag. What I really need is a way to be excited about getting up early.
Kenzi N.
I would say it depends on what better suits you and your body. For me, it’s waaay better in the mornings because I feel I have accomplished something; I feel like I already did something productive first thing in the morning; it gives me energy to start the day; and that way no matter what happens, I won’t have to postpone it because something unforeseen came up.
Soren W.
I prefer to work out in the morning or in the afternoon. Going for a run in the morning is a great way to start the day. If I exercise to late in the evening I tend to wake up in the night. Therefore I prefer to exercise in the afternoon rather than in the night.
Jolanta J.
It absolutely doesn't matter

That said, a little exercise in the morning will increase your energy levels throughout the day dramatically

And exercise before sleep is a little stupid

Anne Z.
In the morning, right after waking up. I recently added 3 easy exercises to do laying down in my bed before going to sleep
Villads Z.
For me it’s either in the morning or afternoon. I like doing it in the morning because it gives you a positive and motivation to move forward throughout the day. But I also like exercising at night because it’s a good way to get out any last bit of energy before a I go to sleep.
Winfried F.
Like almost everything else in life, this is also a matter of habit. For me it worked best in the evening. Around 20:00-21:00. Been doing this for nearly a year and it's been working great.
X Non Q.
I prefer the afternoon, because that is when I have the most energy. If you are a morning person, however, I'd recommend morning exercise because it gets you up and your heart pumping first thing. It's not something I'm great at personally, but I hope that helps you!
Emile Y.
Literally any time! Some mornings I just don’t have the time or energy no matter how hard I try or plan.
Sometimes I have more down time in the afternoon.
Sometimes insomnia strikes at night. So in short I fit it in whenever/wherever I can without worrying about length of time.
Herculana Q.
Honestly I have been working out mainly in thr afternoon or evening. In tha late afternoom oreartky evening is the best for me. I am an early person and I am very effcient in the morning, this is why I trt to use the morning solve lots of tasks. But now I started light working out such as streching in the morning. Let s see how will work:)
Jerome S.
I think it sometimes depend on your schedule. Most times I exercise in the morning but I find that afternoon works just as well. Evenings seem too busy and allow for a brief stretch or meditation.
L Onard C.
I usually exercise at night though sometimes it depends upon my schedule. I just make it to the point that I have spent time to exercise in a day regardless of the time.
Amalie W.
I usually end up exercising in the afternoon and early evening. I exercise right after I get home from school and that's where the time fits best for me.
Maja N.
I exercise best in the morning, which helps me keep more active during the day. If I can I squeeze in an evening session, either yoga or physio or a little dancing
Thomas O.
In the morning it's a great way to start the day, in the late afternoon it's good to get out of my head after work, and in the evening it's a great way to use up my energy reserves and relax/feel accomplished before sleeping.
Sally U.
The morning is for sure the best time. It’s the best time because I can have time for the rest of my day. If I wake up after 7 and try to work out, it’s impossible. My husband and I have to go at separate times because of our daughter. We can’t take her with us. And because I breastfeed I have to make my workouts quick. I go while she’s sleeping. That gives me two hours to have a worth while workout. So if I get it done in the morning and out of the way I can be back in time for her to wake up and get fed and have the rest of my day.
Emil P.
I like exercise in the morning. It makes me feel good for the rest of the day. I try to be outside so I can enjoy the beauty of nature.
Christian G.
meeting the personally I like to go to the gym in the morning because mixer start the day fresh with energy and plus you have a good healthy breakfast and water it starts the day I'm good and with a happy smile so I preferred morning
Tracy U.
I have had better luck doing indoor exercises in the morning and outdoor exercise in the adrernoon. I’m just not ready to be exposed to the world in the morning but i feel good about doing something that shows me I’m valuing myself in my morning routine.
Sophia W.
For me early morning is the best now. I've never been a morning person but there are a lot of benefits to it. I normally am very tired in the end of the day and there are too many temptations so there's much higher chance of me skipping the gym in the evening. I like exercising in the morning as it sets the day right and I like the feeling that I've done it already and don't need to worry
Anna O.
For me, at night, as I play a lot of sports and have practices and trainings at night during winter, so I am use to it.
Rem Zio P.
For me, the best time to exercise is definitely in the morning. Exercising right in the morning makes me feel energised and ready for the rest of the day.
Caleb G.
I’m finding it’s hard to schedule a long exercise session in the morning, but if I can consistently move a little each morning that I have way more energy and can schedule longer exercise sessions in the evenings, afternoons, weekends when I have more time. For instance, yesterday I didn’t have time for the run I had planned in the morning, but made sure I got in 10 minutes of yoga. When my work day was over I had enough energy leftover from my morning routine that I laced up and went for the run (instead of throwing in the tool and going out for a drink with friends).
Rachel B.
I exercise best in the morning after I’ve eaten a snack or some small breakfast. Right after I put my running shoes that are always next to the door and either go for a run or do some exercise or workout routine of cardio like pushups abs jumping jacks that sort of thing. I love the morning because I automatically don’t feel lazy at all throughout the rest of my day because I accomplished so much in my workout early on.
Mikkel E.
the morning is typically best. as soon as you get us drink 8oz of water then workout. working out on an empty stomach burns more calories.
Marion N.
I prefer the afternoon cause I’m more awake and have more energy but I think exercising in the morning is the best cause it kick starts your day
Kimberly J.
For me, the best time to exercise is in the afternoon. I have time to plan my day, properly wake up, eat and digest my food.
Ricardo Z.
Exercising first thing in the morning is the best time for me. If I don’t do it then I won’t do it. However I do my home exercises from the chiropractor on both mornings and evenings, so I Put the evening exercise routine on my schedule here to motivate me to do it.
Alberto T.
I don't think there is only one good answer for this.
As a person who could never make exercising a real habit, I feel that morning exercising is better for me. Although starting the routine was really hard at first, I started the day with success and it was really inspiring.
Tinita F.
Afternoon, there isn't enough time to get a quality workout in theorning and the gym doesn't opwn early enough. Also I like to cuddle with my husband.
Alexis U.
Morning. Anytime it's the morning time which is best suited for the exercise. It has also been proved by Dr Oz in one of his YouTube videos that exercising in the morning better results then in the evening or night