How do you stay motivated to stay on track with workout goals when you have more at-home tasks from work?

Abby Y.
Honestly, it is tough. Especially if you work from home, take care of three children, AND a business to run.

What works for me is to get up ahead of everyone else: Waking up early/earlier.

When you have carved out that time for yourself, you just feel happier and motivated to do more things. Plus, you get to focus on tasks that really matter to you. Not only that, this is the time to map-out your day; how you want to attack it. How to make the most out of it.

So from working out, to making time to do work or you’re side project – you can make the time.

Trust me, this time in the morning when the house is awfully quiet, no running kids around (assuming you are a parent), and the whole neighborhood is still in slumber – IS THE BEST FEELING. Oh, how I love the quietness this morning brings. You will definitely have that time for yourself and feel motivated to do just about everything.

Do it. You will see and feel what I’m talking about. It will change you.