When is the best time of day for you to exercise?

Monica A.
I tried working out in the evenings but I had no energy mentally. I tend to have a lot of things in my mind and these drains me. A fresh mind and body is the best way to start my work out routine. Morning is the best time!
Emily N.
In the morning. As son as I wake up, I drink glass of water and starting exercises. It's best time to war up yourself before the day.
Lara N.
I think exercise in the morning is indispensable because it makes flowing the blood all over the body and gets energy but for me is so difficult starting in the morning with an intense workout, so I prefer doing yoga or stretching as I wake up and a deeper workout session in the afternoon.
Severo F.
In the morning. I always feel activated after I exercise which is an ideal feeling for the morning as opposed to evening.