I get exhausted after doing exercise. Is that normal?

Josefine W.
I think we can not exhausted after only 8 minit exercise because normal people can do 45 minute exercise.

You have to do rest between two exercise.
And try again

🐝 sophie F.
I think that is normal. If you are trying your hardest to succeed and pushing yourself, naturally you are going to feel more tired afterwards. A tip to feel less exhausted would be to eat a bit more coming up to the exercise (unless it is first thing in the morning) and then eat a small snack afterwards full of protein to refuel your body. If you feel like being exhausted is becoming a problem for you, then go and see a healthcare professional.
Summer T.
yes! but as you keep on excersing it gets easier,, also try to drink water and eat good and healthy foods so it can energize and to speed up the hard processy
Alina X.
Obviously it depends on how long and the type of exercise, but what type of tiredness? Maybe you’re missing some vitamins?
Judd E.
Of course that's normal! Especially if you haven't exercised in a long time. I haven't exercised in quarantine. I don't even walk the amount I used to. I tried just getting back into my pre-quarantine walk routine. I was in school and I would also walk after school to get 10,000 steps. I did that one day and I was so sore I was limping for the next few days. It's absolutely normal to feel exhausted. Your body isn't used to this, but over time it'll adjust. Like right now, a 10 minute walk leaves my legs really sore, but if I keep at it I'll be able to get back to where I was with no soreness. It's normal and just means you are challenging yourself.
Pasquale G.
Fatigue is normal; but if you are exhausted as in not capable of going on with your day, maybe you are too hard on yourself. If you are tired, allow yourself to rest. You cannot do everything and you must be patient.
Lois U.
Definitely, I mean depends on how intense your workout is. But it is a different kind of exhaustion. Your blood is flowing, heart pounding and you just want to rest. I think that is just how us humans work. I shower afterwards that I feel fresh and more energized.
Guus Z.
Yes, starting off this is completely normal. You will find that over time your body will be able to handle more before getting really tired. Just means that you've worked hard. And if it's too much, just take it down a notch, that's fine too!
Bob C.
Yes, it's perfectly normal! If you weren't tired after exercise maybe your not trying hard enough but the fact you feel tired is great because your body has pushed itself further. I've just completed a workout from Chloe Ting (a youtuber that does exercise programs) and I am exhausted but it's good for my body and myself because I know I have worked hard enough.