Is it safe to exercise without stretching early in the morning? And on an empty stomach?

Barac C.
I believe that working out on an empty stomach is not a problem as long as it makes you feel good. I personally prefer having at least some fruit beforehand just because otherwise I feel like I burn out my energies way faster, but it is totally up to you (always listen to your body and you will make no mistakes). However you should always stretch and warm up your body before any kind of workout, especially in the morning time when your body and muscles have been resting for several hours,in order to avoid injuries.
Danny E.
Uhm i don't know a lot abt exercise and stuff. But it's always good to stretch before doing an exercise or workout. Especially when u haven't done anything physically. And before excersising i would drink some water.
Mohammed B.
Yes. Because like that you depend only on your own muscles energy and power, so that effect your body health. But if you eat, you just burn the calories you take.
Nadirot N.
No, not at all. It’s best to get your head start on the day before the struggle. It's like turning on water to take a shower. Sure, you can take a bucket of water and put it on you, but the shower makes it much easier. Never forget breakfast and stretching.
Mohammed B.
Yes of course. Like that you will be able to use your own muscle's energy,so you will have effect on your body. If you eat, you just take of your calories that you just take no change.
Rebecca T.
The empty stomach part is a yes! It makes your body feel lighter and more comfortable to get flexible. The stretching part depends on you. If you’re still a beginner, you’ll need some time (~2 mins) to stretch so that your muscles won’t be too stiff. It may also prevent yourself from getting muscle cramps. But when you’ve exercised too many times, you may skip stretching since your muscles have adapt to your routine.
Manuel Z.
Yoi should definitely stretch before you do any type od exercise. It will help your muscles more flexible, and help with soreness. As for an empty stomach, i think its safe to do it on an empty stomach, but i think it would be more comfortable to eat first. In not an expert though. This is just my opinion. Hope that helps! 😁
Charyss P.
It is safe to exercise with stretching early in the morning to prevent us from get hurt and most importantly you need a breakfast because it can give you a lot of energy
Bun O.
I always eat and stretch before my exercises just in case. If I don’t stretch it usually sets me back, and then I’m sore for three days and can’t work out.