How do you make exercise fun?

Max W.
I make sure to do activitiies I've always been passionate about and do things where i can easily see my improvement over time
Riya I.
i try to do new workouts everyday .. from different apps and platforms .
though i have my scheduled plan for each day of the week .. as in different days for cardio strength training and yoga. but the specific workout , intensity and duration of it , i choose according to my mood and energy ! that motivates me as i dont push myself too much on the days i dont feel like but i complete my target and also i find it really interesting to do new workouts as every workout is kinda a surprise for me and i never get bored !
Hailey U.
For me it's by doing my favorite sport and by listening to good music. Also when those two things doesn't work anymore what I do is remembering the reason why I start, I know it's sound cliche but personally it really does works and it has really help me to workout even when I really don't want to.