What do you think of when you are in the middle of your workout, to keep you going when you feel like stopping?

Aarushi N.
I think about what the end result will be. Now sometimes I do take a break and just stuff if I can’t but most of the time I keep pushing myself because that’s how you improve

Jorge X.
I think about the next two minutes. That how just Teo more minutes are easily achievable. Then I get through the next two minutes and so on until I’m done.

Ken Y.
I think of the way I'll feel after the workout and i know I'll feel great and that because of it ill be healthier. And I'm also thinking about all the nice clothes that are just sitting in my closet waiting for me to wear them😊

Bentley U.
I think of how proud I’ll be once I finish. Or you could say “just one more set” but then say that every set so you end up doing however many more you need to.

Joanne C.
When in Middleton of a workout I never have that feeling. If it's a tuff workout I think "just a little bit more, You're almost there".

Toyin N.
I have read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear.

This book outlines the importance of how consistent little improvements make the big change collectively.

Having understood this principle, it comes to mind when I feel a dip during my workout and the overall goal keeps me going.

Listening to a good audiobook also helps me, I find. So my mind is being stimulated while conditioning my body