How do you handle marking the exercise habit if you exercise every two days, or if you take rest days?

Thea C.
I personally do exercise for 5 days and take a rest day and then go back to 5 days. Although it depends on your exercise. If it is hard give yourself 2 rest day in between
Alice Q.
In which days that I don't exercise professionally, I just do some stretch moves of hands and legs for a minute. It helps to keep your muscles ready for those special moves.
Jeffery Y.
I usually follow a pre-plan for example three days exercises and a day off and so on, it becomes easy for me to complete the days of exercise looking forward to the day of rest
Johanne W.
Exercising doesn’t have to be anything big to count. Even if you run up the stairs instead of walking is exercise, I would say that it counts. If you usually exercise every other day or when you take rest days maybe just choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator or anything like that, just try to get some extra movement in
Liesel X.
I try to do something every day. So maybe I will do a hard cardio work out every two days and recovery workouts in between. Recovery work outs could be yoga or an extra long walk.
Sesinando T.
It’s good that you’re taking rest days, they’re important. I’d just check it off anyway or do a small bit of movement like stretching or a short walk (I’m counting my morning dog walk/walk to work as my exercise). This app told folks who are fasting for medical reasons to just check off the “have a good breakfast” habit, so I think the same would go for taking a rest day for your health.