I don’t like exercise, it makes you sore and fatigued. How do I start liking exercising?

Noah F.
When I started excersising, what helped me the most is reminding myself, that this is a gift to my body. Somebody pointed out that I cannot expect my brain, my legs, or any part of my body to work well, if I didn't provide the "ingredients". How is my brain supposed to focus, if it doesn't get enough oxygen? I think after thinking of my body as someone I love, it was easier to stay consistent. And one day, I just started to enjoy going. This became my me time. I don't always feel like I have more energy, but going for a run no longer needs a mental battle for me to get there.
Adrianna S.
Do exercises that you love such as hiking, walking, or dancing. You don't have to do the exercises you see everybody else doing on the apps and exercises aren't just doing squats, lunges, sumo squats, and so on. If you don't like the exercise don't do it. There are other forms of exercises that you can do that don't include the ones that I listed. Even boxing or punching a bag as well as jump roping is a form of exercise as well as so many others. Try looking up