What is a healthy amount of cardio exercise?

Serena I.
I've heard that you should do 30+ minutes of cardio that gets your heart rate up 3-4 times a week.
I cycle every day to work but would like to add in more running and/or swimming.
Beata Y.
I think depends on the intensity. I think humans are biologically meant to engage in long long periods of mild cardio, 8 hours or more a day, with short bursts of intensive activity: say 30
Minutes pushing yourself.
Bernard C.
I really don't know, but I use this app called Plank Workout which has exercises for every day for 3 months. I am using that right now, it helps me a lot. Sorry I couldn't answer your question.
In S O.
I feel that everyone is different, and because of this, I feel that whenever engaging in any type of workout, all ways check with your doctor. There used to be a saying that said "no pain, no gain". I think it's important that we all listen to our bodies. If working out and someone begins to feel pain; it's probably a good idea to stop. Only do what works for you. It is always recommended to start slow and work your way up gradually.
Asta W.
Studies have shown 30min of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is sufficient to keep the body constantly metabolising through the day!
Dave Y.
It is important to ease your self in to cardio exercise and not to do too much too fast if you do it will not be sustainable and the spoilt inner child will sound stronger making excuses not to continue with the good habit of moving overpowering the wise inner sage that keeps you on track. This will also prevent injury from pushing your body too hard without time to adjust. Everyone is different and increasing your heart rate in small bursts over time will build your inner strength and fitness. Keep at a sustainable level for your self and be fabulous. If you fall of the wagon learn from what made you stop and start building it up again while thinking what can I do differently to keep on track this time. Every slip up is a learning opportunity to do it better
Sandy C.
That’s had to say. First it depends on you current health and medical conditions. You should do no more than what could have deleterious effects on your health. So be careful. Once you know what is safe, then start slowly and gradually challenging yourself over time. If you have not done any cardio in a while start with a brisk walk and run for just a minute or two at a time to get your heart rate up a bit. If you ever feel out of breath or unhealthy, you should stop. Remember safety first.
Jennifer U.
30-40 minutes per day.
Be sure to look up what is a safe fat burning heart rate for your age and weight..I do 2 x 15 minute sections.
Margot Y.
There is no one right answer! It depends on you and your body. Aim for at least 30min 5x a week, but if you have to start smaller that is okay too. Talk to a doctor if you're not sure!
Mae Q.
Well, you are supposed to exercise 60 minutes a day, and I think 20 minutes of those are supposed to be cardio. You can always adjust to fit your schedule, however.
Wesley Z.
It really depends on how fit you are. If you are in good shape, I’d say 45 minutes to and hour of steady cardio can be healthy. If you aren’t very fit, then start at 15-20 minutes. You can work your way up to the hour mark over time.
Dionaura N.
At least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity where your heart rate goes up and is elevated. Strength and Weight training also important, which coulD take another 10-30 minutes depending
Hasso E.
I’ve been told that one should do at least 30 minutes’ cardio consecutive, 3 times a week. But right now it is difficult for me to find 30 minutes, so I use to do 10 minutes a day, every day
Nicklas Z.
Don't know if there is such a thing as too much cardio, but i do know that researchers have set the minimum as 20 mins, 3 times a week. This is the latest recommendation as far as I know.

I think a healthy amount, however, truly would be some time every day where one is consciously, intentionally exercising so that the body can move and the mind can relax and be oxygenated could be called healthy."

Ella C.
20-30 minutes is enough daily morning. Actually, it depends on the purpose, if you're healthy and fit and just wanna exercise to maintain the health, 20-30 minutes, daily is enough.
Shawn O.
Whatever amount gets you moving. To start, even just a few minutes is better than not at all. As you get more confident and enjoy the exercise more, you can add more time. Once you're in the groove, anything between 20 to 45 minutes is going to have awesome results, if you do it most days.
Joanna O.
It depends on 2 primary factors: what your overall goals are, weight gain/loss/maintain and the level of cardio, slow and steady or high intensity. You'll have an ideal heart rate while doing cardio. Staying in that zone is ideal.