How do you get back to exercising after a hiatus?

Luisa W.
Book it in and go no matter what. Even though I used to use any excuse to avoid it, staying away made it harder to return. When I go I know I'll feel better afterwards, so I just need to make the commitment and stick to it.
Est Lio O.
The best way to restart daily exercising is to just start slowly and work your way back up. Walking for 5 minutes, doing yoga for 10 minutes, even doing the 1 minute exercise module on this app is a good start. Take your time and dont beat yourself up. Also, celebrate even if you only did 5 push ups!
Andr A Y.
Be kind to yourself. Don't overdo do it. Commit to spending 5 minutes in the gym. If you stay longer great. If not at least it's a start
Nanna P.
I motivate myself. I also try to make it easier by getting enough sleep the day before, eating well, and exercising something not too hard and on a pretty empty stomach so no stomach ache
Albert F.
Open up my BetterMe app and follow the routines. Usually it takes me getting stressed and working up about something to start moving again but I'm always better off for it.