What exercises can I do without bothering my knees???

Lara N.
Im not sure about that, but an exercise to help pain in your knees is standing on one leg en slowing bowing the leg your standing on. Your knee should be in line with your foot
Vicki J.
Walking, cycling, swimming, planks. After a few weeks, you can try start HIIT exercise in slow pace to train your knees.
Elizabeth X.
I have this problem, too. I used to love running, but can only do it on soft grass and currently for school I'm in a city. What I've done is do core exercises and HIIT training, as well as some strength training. Apps are great for this, especially if you can get rid of the exercises you can't do, such as squats or running. Hope this helps!
Heinz Josef F.
Doing a mobility yoga or a low impact pilates may be the best option for you, you can google those two exercises and I assure you you'll thank me later
Emma N.
I Youtube searched ‘Yoga with Adrienne for bad knees’ and did a workout with my best friend who has fibromyalgia and struggles with her knees. It made us BOTH feel amazing after and she was so pleased she could complete EVERYTHING asked of her for once 😃 try it out and hope you enjoy! 👍🏼
Irene N.
I'm no expert, but I've heard that you should do things that remove your own weight from your knees. Ideally, swimming. If that's not an option, then something on an elliptical or a stationary bike. If that's also not an option, try looking for things like mountain climbers or other functional or yoga related exercises that you can do sitting down.